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Fluid Inside V3 – helmet with a protective layer in liquid

As you know, the head is one of the most important parts of the human body. Because it contains the brain (how important it is for you to understand it yourself ). It means that when you go on a motorbike, the most important part to protect is still the head, so you have to wear that helmet. Fluid Inside of Canada with Fox Racing created the V3 helmet. The special thing here is that instead of using protective foam, V3 uses liquid.

As you know, the inside of the head has a brain floating in the brain fluid. So when a strong force is applied to the head, the brain fluid is not enough to protect the brain, causing it to knock into the skull bone, leading to brain concussion or even brain hematoma. There have been many people mentioning the problem of wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike. Because it will help you protect and absorb the impact force when an accident occurs.

When you go in the street, go far away or go on a tour, I think the helmet is still the most important thing. It will be a protective layer around your head. Usually under the helmet shell is the shock absorber layer. However, Canada's Fluid Inside has decided to replace the foam with liquid protective pads called Fluid Pots.

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Especially, Fluid Pots can be used on many types of helmets, not just for a motorcycle helmet. The liquid inside the cone is simulated like our brain fluid. This brand not only created for a group and also developed for different types of sports. Each sport will have a different impact, so the size and design of the hat will also vary. A helmet to ride cannot be like a helmet to skate.

While traditional sucking classes have proven effective against linear effects (Linear Impact). Fluid Inside protection pads also have the ability to resist rotational force. With Fluid Inside products, the conical shell can absorb energy coming from all sides, meaning it resolves both linear and rotating forces.

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With an adventurous hat with a traditional foam protection, if the accident is in a helmet, it will lose its original shape because the cone absorbs the force to help us. Therefore, when the head is hit, the head is much more impacted, the cone will no longer be usable and must replace the new cone. As for the conical shell, Fluid Inside's liquid has the advantage of keeping its original shape. It is theoretically, Fluid Inside has not yet confirmed this information. But if this information is correct, Fluid Inside will create a new helmet model that is not only safer but also reusable.

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