Flu in pregnancy: what to do

Flu in pregnancy: what to do

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THE flu in pregnancy it is a very common condition that requires care different from the cases of the disease in normal periods. Find out in this article how to treat and prevent flu during pregnancy.

  • Flu in pregnancy is common

  • How to treat safely

  • Is the use of propolis allowed during pregnancy?

  • How to prevent

Flu in pregnancy is common

Flu in pregnancy is a very common condition because the woman’s immune system weakens during pregnancy so that there is no rejection of the fetus. In general, the symptoms have the same intensity seen in other stages of life, but the woman may feel more tired and affected by them than usual, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

How to treat safely

First of all, it is crucial to visit a doctor and not take medication on your own at all. Anti-flu remedies and nasal decongestants are prohibited for pregnant women. Safe treatment is symptom to symptom, with inhalations with saline, nasal washes and use of vitamin C and paracetamol tablets. It is also very important that the woman rests so that the symptoms disappear faster.

Is the use of propolis allowed during pregnancy?

Yes, the use of sprays with propolis and honey It is released and it is one of the natural options for the relief of sore throat that can arise with the flu. For this specific symptom, gargling with water and salt (or lemon) is also highly recommended.

How to prevent

Prevention is important to prevent the flu during pregnancy. The most important action is for the woman to take the flu vaccine when you know you’re pregnant. Immunization is totally safe for the pregnant woman and her baby and is offered free of charge by the Unified Health System (SUS).

Furthermore, the pregnant woman must adopt a Balanced diet, with special attention to the consumption of vitamin C, present in citrus fruits, and fluid intake. It is also important that the woman remains active, performing light or moderate physical exercises, and sleeps at regular times.

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