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FLC and a number of big names appeared in YouTube reactionary clips

Popeyes announced that he had stopped advertising on YouTube after being warned of images appearing in malicious clips.

Concerning Vietnamese brands and brands, there are advertising images in the clips with reactionary content on YouTube that the Department of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (PTTH & TTTT) issued a warning on June 10, 2019, today the source from the Department of Development and Information Services said that, up to now, the Department of Development and Information Services has received explanations of 15 companies, including: Samsung Vina, FPT shop, Yamaha, Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Thai Minh, Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company CVI, Grab, Japan International Eye Hospital, Dai Chinh Quang Machinery Co., Ltd, Digital Trend Media Joint Stock Company, Shopee, Clever Ads Company, Watsons Vietnam Company , Adsota Company, Duc Nhan Company (Hoa Quynh Restaurant), Popeyes Fried Chicken (Vietnam Food and Beverage Service Co., Ltd.).

"All 15 of these companies confirmed after receiving information from the Department of Information and Communications and Communications immediately stopped advertising on YouTube and asked YouTube to check the status of displaying ads on recurrent reactionary clips. ", sources from the Department of High-Tech Development and Information Technology said.

Today, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism continues to announce the list of 40 brands appearing in the reactionary and anti-state anti-smashing clips that the Department recently discovered. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism sent official letters to these brands and brands and asked to stop advertising in reactionary clips against the state, the deadline for answering the official dispatch was June 27, 2019.

Remarkably, in the list of 40 brands that the new Department of Development and Information Services still advertises, they are still advertising in reactionary clips with big names such as FLC Group, Thaco PC, Saigon International University, University Trade, Hanoi National University.

Specifically, according to the list provided by the Department of Information, Communications and Information Technology, brand brands with advertising images in clips with reactionary content include: Human Technology Joint Stock Company, Distribution and Supporting Stock Company. New Age Project, Nguyen Khoa Clinic, MayBi Fashion, News First Day (ngaydautien.vn), WELDCOM Representative Office, Gia An Feng Shui Jewelry, Binh Minh and Cong Investment and Distribution Joint Stock Company Vietnam – Tourism Travel Joint Stock Company, New Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Maxhair – Lohha functional food limited liability company, Chu Lai Truong Hai tourist car distribution one member limited company (Thaco PC) , KTG Group, NTT Data Vietnam, KIDO Frozen Food Joint Stock Company (Merino ice cream), Vietnam MPOS Technology Joint Stock Company, NOVAON AutoAds – South East Asia's largest advertising management platform – High Partner level of Google in Vietnam, Vietnam-Vietravel Transport and Tourism Joint Stock Company, FLC Group, International Department – Hanoi National University, Lac Viet Dental, University of Commerce – Faculty International training, Vietnam – Germany Steel Pipe Joint Stock Company VG PIPE …

Since the beginning of 2017, the Ministry of Information and Communications has discovered the status of advertising products and services of many domestic and foreign enterprises, including some global brands embedded in videos with malicious content and reactionary content. It is illegal for Vietnam to broadcast on YouTube via Google advertising service. In particular, this advertising cash flow was shared by Goolge to the subjects of producing malicious, reactionary and invisible clips indirectly abetting the activities against Vietnam. This is a serious violation of the provisions of the law on advertising, is a threat to worry and affect the safety and reputation of brands and businesses.

In this situation, the Ministry of Information and Communications has sent a warning letter to businesses, while working with businesses and advertising agents, Google's representatives have requested to thoroughly overcome the above situation. Therefore, after March 2017, the status of putting ads on reactionary clips has been temporarily overcome.

However, recently, through monitoring and reviewing information on social networks YouTube, Department of Information Technology and Information Technology found that this situation has been recurring. Advertising of companies has been attributed to videos with illegal content on YouTube.

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