Flatulence: causes and treatment

Flatulence: causes and treatment

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The term flatulence designates the production of gastrointestinal gas that causes abdominal discomfort. Flatulence can usually be accompanied by belching, usually after meals, since it forms after approximately three hours of food digestion. When they do not cause pain, flatulence is the result of the fermentation of decomposed materials.

  • How to fight flatulence

    • Food diet against flatulence

    • How to act against flatulence

  • When to see the doctor

  • Flatulence Medicines

How to fight flatulence

Food diet against flatulence

For those who suffer from this disease, it is recommended avoid consumption some vegetables, in particular beans, soybeans, lentils, peas, as well as red meat. Foods such as pasta and potatoes also favor the formation of gases.

How to act against flatulence

In order to avoid the formation of stomach or intestinal gases, eat slowly, eat three meals a day and two snacks, do not drink carbonated, alcoholic drinks and coffee.

When to see the doctor

The appearance of flatulence accompanied by abdominal pain, the impossibility of defecating or expelling gas is an emergency case, as well as situations in which there is diarrhea or vomiting, fever or blood in the stool. In situations without severe symptoms, the person has the possibility to take medicines purchased at the pharmacy and without the need for a prescription.

Flatulence Medicines

Some drugs sold without a prescription can relieve the pain that causes discomfort due to flatulence without serious symptoms. Antispasmodics and drugs associated with antacids also protect the stomach from the accumulation of gas, as well as natural medicines such as herbal medicine and homeopathy.

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