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Flappy Royale: Flappy Bird Game, 100 people play together and eat onions

This is a game with a similar play style like Flappy Bird that has been cultivated for a while, but it has a "Battle Royale" mode and many other players in the world in real time. Thereby Flappy Roayale will be more "competitive", less boring. This is just a Demo version but the manufacturer Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker have received a lot of downloads and compliments recently.
As I said above, how to play like Flappy Bird, we just touch the screen to control the bird to avoid the water pipes on the flight path (in the form of Endless Game). However, we can customize our bird, not only the bird but also the shape of many other birds.

In Royale mode, you will play with "very" many other players in the world, only your character is outstanding for easy identification. Rest assured because it will not affect your vision when clicking the water pipe.

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Of course it won't be easy for new players, it's still as difficult as Flappy Bird at that time. But reconsidering with Royale like this if you play well there will be a real race when other players' characters are also showing and "Fighting" with you.

Have fun!


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