“Flag Time” Review

Evaluation ★★★★★ (82 points) All 60 minutes

Synopsis Misuzu Moriya was a girl who had the ability to stop time and enjoyed the pervert during that time.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. Looking into the beautiful girl’s skirt, the philosophy began

    1. Misuzu Moriya
    2. Haruka Murakami
    3. Time Stop
    4. lily
    5. Yukari Kobayashi
    6. Show each other
    7. House
    8. People can’t live alone
    9. Happy end
  2. General comment: Lilies drawn in 60 minutes, time stop, lily, sacrifice, philosophy

    1. Personal impressions: unexpected

Looking into the beautiful girl’s skirt, the philosophy began

The original is a comic book work
Directed by Takuya Sato, produced by Tier Studio

Misuzu Moriya

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

She is the protagonist of this work.
A sober girl with a modest, quiet personality who is not good at communicating with others.
However, she has the ability to “stop time”.
She only has that ability for 3 minutes and she has
I use it to “run away.”

My classmates just talked, but even that trivial communication
She is not good, so she stops time and escapes from the spot.
For her, the ability to stop time is only a way to escape,
No more and no less.

That’s why the depiction of stopping time is like “natural”.
Normally, in the case of the magnificent ability to stop time, science fiction requires some equipment or items
When you use it or battle action, the time stops by shouting “technical name”.
But this work’s ability to stop time is an event that takes place in everyday life.

Stop quietly, as if turning an hourglass.
The movement of the classmate stops, and the movement of the falling leaves stops.
Depiction of the ability to stop time without any exaggerated production
It may be this work that draws it so far.

She has been using time-stopping abilities to avoid being deeply involved with others.
A girl living a clumsy way of life.

Haruka Murakami

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

She is the heroine of this work.
Always at the center of the class, depending on the teacher, also from classmates,
It looks perfect and has good personality.
She shows her homework to her classmates, teaches her study and talks gently.

But if you turn it over, it’s Happo beauty.
My classmates who seem to be good friends when talking to her,
She makes rumors and speaks badly where she is not.

Although she’s somehow optimistic,
A girl with a dexterous way of life.
You can say that he is the exact opposite of Moriya.

The story begins with such two people being involved.

Time Stop

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

It’s a trivial mischief. A girl with the ability to stop time
Pretty girl[IjustworriedaboutwhatkindofunderwearIwaswearing[「どんな下着」を履いてるのか気になっただけだ。
In a time halt, she sits down, reads a book, turns her skirt and looks at her underwear.

However, it should be a world of only “Moriya” where time has stopped,
For some reason, “Murakami” who was skirted was able to move.
It’s because I turned the skirt (laughs)
Toda Girl Meets Girl.

Two people who had no involvement until then shared the secret of “time stop”,
Enjoy the “world of time alone”.
It’s dangerous play, stop time in class, take off your uniform,
For a little revenge on Mr. Murakami’s ex-boyfriend,
Stop time and kiss in front of the teacher in the nurse’s office.

“Moriya” ‘s skirt flipping looks so cute,
“Murakami” enjoys the world of just 3 minutes.
But somewhere she wants to do that.
She wants to sin because she is serious.

In such a world of time suspension, their relationship deepens.
“Moriya” who has avoided being involved with others, even if time stops
“Murakami” cannot escape.
“Murakami” sins in a world of time stoppage while living seriously.

Two people share their secrets and the relationship deepens


Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

This work is definitely a lily. “Moriya” becomes jealous as the story progresses.
Murakami, who talks to a child other than herself, wants her to be herself and she wants to be her own.
Even if you stop the time, you can only monopolize her for 3 minutes.
She thinks that time should stop forever.

Sometimes I stop my time unconsciously from jealousy.
Even that jealousy is expected to Mr. Murakami.
What kind of emotions does “Moriya” give to her and what desires she has?
What she wants to do because she’s been dexterous
I understand it to be picked up.

She touches “Moriya” with a hand like a small devil and looks through her.
“Moriya” doesn’t want to be hated by her, if she hits her feelings
I’m worried that I’ll be hated.
It’s a clumsy communication because you’ve lived clumsy so far.

Murakami told her, “I want her to tell her true feelings.”
“Moriya” who has never done such a thing before,
“Love” that wants to monopolize her because of her feelings changes her.

The scene of kissing her cheeks from herself is almost involuntary.
A girl who was clumsy and did not involve other people got involved with others and found love,
Hit your desires with your opponent.

From here, the relationship between the two begins.

Yukari Kobayashi

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

She’s two classmates, who often talk to “Moriya” from the beginning of the story,
“Moriya” always stopped his time and disappeared somewhere.
But Moriya has changed.
By stopping time and not escaping, getting involved with others and dating “Murakami”
She has changed the way she communicates with others.

Although I try to eat rice with my classmates around “Murakami”,
I know they’re talking about Mr. Murakami in the bathroom,
Eating rice with Mr. Kobayashi and his friends who talk frequently,
Although I feel confused by the sense of distance that kisses indirectly naturally,
It has begun to accept it without running away.

Kobayashi is especially good. Moriya, who refused to communicate,
He talks about a little persistently and gets along with a trivial kick.
It may be a friend who is different from “Murakami” and can be said to be a friend.

That’s why she uses abilities for herself and for friends other than herself for the first time.
However, “Murakami” does that.
Talking to the other child alone with her alone, and using her power for the other child
Be jealous.

Show each other

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

In the world where time was stopped for Mr. Murakami who was jealous
Show her underwear to her.
It is the same underwear that “Murakami” used to wear.
For the act that can be said to be somewhat perverted,
“Murakami” also shows off his underwear. It’s matching (laughs)

However, in the world where time has moved, Mr. Murakami wears underwear to a girl in the corridor
Other people can see the place to show off.
That led to rumors starting to flow in school that didn’t tell if she was a lie.
The rumors, the harassment, and the actions close to bullying also begin.
Her position, who should have lived dexterously, begins to tear down the trivial things


Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

After the middle stage, Mr. Moriya’s power begins to weaken.
It becomes unstable and the time limit becomes fuzzy, maybe my power
You will even feel anxious that it will disappear.
But no, that’s why she and Murakami in a world where time hasn’t stopped
You will want to talk properly.

In a world where the time is moving, not the time of 3 minutes
I want to talk to her slowly, face her, I want to know her.
She is a healthy and loving girl who hurts her desires against Mr. Murakami.

However, the true appearance of “Murakami” feels terrifying.
She has established her position in society by fulfilling the desires of others,
He wants to be a good child, and he can exist in society just because he is a good child.
It is good to fulfill the desires of others, and to get used to a good child.

Moriya is worried whether that was the case for Moriya.
I wanted to get along, so Murakami
“Murakami” might have been dating because he knew he liked it.

She is hiding her deck under multiple beds.
One by one, the name of the school student or teacher is written on the front, and the back is
It describes in detail what kind of person the person named in the table is and what he likes.
It is a word book to be a good child.

Naturally, there is also a note from Moriya. And there is “Murakami”.
But nothing is written on the back of “Murakami”.
She lost herself while alive to seek skater from anyone.
I have no idea what I want to do.

It’s hard to imagine seeing the pants anymore.
Even the bad end can be predicted what will happen.
If you’re bad, you’ll end up in a world where you’ve stopped time forever
Even the end can be predicted, but there is no eternity.

People can’t live alone

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

Moriya’s way of life was to live alone, refusing people,
Murakami’s way of accepting all people was a way of life where he was not there.
Murakami’s way of life, which looked dexterous, was more clumsy than Moriya’s.
You cannot understand others. No matter how much your desires are fulfilled
There are classmates who speak insults.

Both “Moriya” and “Murakami” had the same basic parts.
I want somebody to know me, understand me, like me.
It’s something that everyone feels, not just these two.
The two have lived in different arts, but at the root
There is a desire to be true, to find, to understand.

It is no longer a philosophy. No matter what religious technique you use or what kind of communication you take
People cannot fully understand each other,
Even you do not know yourself. But people still try to interact with people.
After all, people cannot live alone.

In the world of time stop, while drawing the art of the two girls and the lily pattern,
This work depicts a ridiculous philosophy.

Happy end

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

Until the last 10 minutes, this work
“Maybe it ends with a bad end?”
But not.

The two girls obey their feelings obediently.
He points to each other’s pains, draws their weaknesses, points out each other’s clumsy ways of life, and hurt each other.
However, the act is mutual understanding, which is also a collision of hearts.
I praise him after he has hurt each other.

“Moriya” suddenly says “I like it” despite having a quarrel.
Until then, herself who had been swayed by “Murakami” himself
He expresses his desire for favor in words and hits the opponent.
There is no girl who is confessed in such a straight after fighting violently and does not fall,
A terrible love technique can be shown at the end of the game (laughs)

Mutual “confession” of each other deepens understanding.
Mutual understanding is born by crushing desires.
And “Moriya” ‘s ability disappears completely. She doesn’t need it anymore.
Although there is still a feeling of strangeness in interacting with others,
There is “Murakami” who understands himself, so you don’t have to escape anymore.

The most important thing for people to live is the last as if they were shown to be love,
The theme song flows naturally, making the 60-minute work feel incredibly satisfying.
“Fragile”. It’s a cover for Every Little Thing.

“There are days when everything starts and hurt each other when we meet.”

They sing lyrics as if they were created for this work.
It was a wonderful piece that would entertain to the very end.


General comment: Lilies drawn in 60 minutes, time stop, lily, sacrifice, philosophy

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

Overall, it’s a very deep work.
Although there are scenes where the scene development is abrupt because of the length of 60 minutes,
The elements that are drawn so as not to worry about such disadvantages are wonderful,
Each of the elements is dug down and summarized in a 60-minute scale.

A girl who can stop the time peeped at the beautiful girl’s pants
The lily begins and changes while drawing each other’s art,
Find the answer of each other’s way of life and reach the philosophy of rain.
It is a work that was not so deep, but was so deep that it could not be considered a 60-minute movie.

This generation of girls has a vibrant way of life and many people can relate to it.
I’m sure more or less how to live like “Moriya” or “Murakami”
Everyone has. Not to be involved with others,
Trying to engage with others, both are arts to live and a remedy.

But in essence, both have the feeling of “I want you to understand.”
This work depicts such a philosophy, up to the point where it penetrates deeply into the essence of people
Because I am drawing, I strongly empathize with the two girls,
It is a work that can not help helping the story until the end.

And welcomes the pleasant last.
Because even the possibility of bad end drifted a little,
An extra happy ending is pleasant.

It is a deep and deep work that you can not imagine in 60 minutes. I hope you enjoy it at the theater.

Personal impressions: unexpected

Source: © 2019 Sato (Akita Shoten) / Flag Time Production Committee

I never thought that it would be such a philosophical work at the notice stage (laugh)
The work was too unexpected in a good way, and it was a bit shocking.
No way from the trailer looking into the pants, it will be such a deep story
Who can expect it?

Although the abrupt development is somewhat anxious,
It is tightly packed in 60 minutes. I’m sorry.
You may be worried about this stuffing,
Personally, it was a work that was done in many ways.

Flag Time (1) (Shonen Champion Comics Tap!)

Flag Time (1) (Shonen Champion Comics Tap!)
Akita Shoten
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