Résoudre le problème d'iPad qui ne se recharge plus
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Fix the problem of an iPad or iPhone not charging anymore


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I own a iPad Air, the seventh generation of the Apple tablet that I have used without any problem for years. Then, one Sunday night while watching a TV series on Netflix, I remembered that I had not charged my iPad which had turned off the day before after watching a series streaming. So I took my iPad off and using my charger put it on charge. My surprise was then great when after hours of recharging, I noticed that it was not at all charged and that it would not start … Although annoyed by the situation, I asked myself lots of questions and I was looking for a tip that would help me. Here is some avenues to test to solve the problem of an iPad or an iPhone that no longer charges.

Recharge your iPhone or iPad with a power adapter

It often happens that an iPhone or iPad does not charge due to the quality or a malfunction of a wall outlet. Based on the fact that it is an electrical component, it can let go of you at any time. To resolve this issue, the first thing to do is to try charging your iPad again with a AC adapter by plugging it into another outlet. This is what I did first.

If this does not work, change the USB cable from your charger and put your iPad back on charge. Whether using a charger or a USB cable, it is important to verify that the latter are accessories sold by Apple as recommended by the brand at Apple. If you can, try charging your iPad or iPhone with another charger.

Charge your iPad directly from the computer

If the problem is not with the USB socket or cable, I advise you to try to charge your iPad with a computer. This is an operation that also allows you to check whether the charging problem is not caused by the AC adapter. To achieve this, you will just need to directly connect your iPad with a USB cable to a computer via one of the USB ports on a computer.

After your iPad or iPhone is connected to your computer, you have to wait a few minutes before it reboots. If the latter turns on and charges normally, then you will know that there is a malfunction with your AC adapter.

The best tip to charge an iPad that worked with my iPad

Unfortunately, none of the previous solutions proposed worked. So I tried one last trick that I found on the web. It was not a given, but I lost nothing by trying: I press and hold the Home button at the bottom of the iPad. While holding the button down, I plugged in my charging cable. My iPad then emitted this famous sound which indicated that it was indeed recharging. Once I heard that sound, I took my finger off the Home button on my iPad and it began to charge normally. Victory !!!

On the other hand, what is weird is that I have to repeat this operation each time I want to recharge my iPad (which is not very practical). I don’t know if it’s an issue with the latest version of iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, or if it’s my iPad’s battery that’s about to fail. To be continued …

While it is true that the last solution was saving for me, there are still other cases where this tip will be useless. As for example in the case of an iPad which refuses to charge because of contact with water or that of a malfunction of the charging port and many others. So don’t bother coming to insult me ​​by commenting because it doesn’t work with your iPhone or iPad.

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