Fix the error “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now” on the USB

USB is a compact and useful storage device, USB is handy, but when used there are also a number of small errors that also cause frustration for users. And the error “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now” is one of the annoying errors for you.

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USB has many advantages over storage devices removable by other standards (IDE, Sata …), especially floppy disks, because USB is more compact, runs faster, has larger capacity and has reliability. trust more. But during use, some errors arise, such as when we use the window’s “Safely Remove Hardware” option to disconnect the USB safely before removing it. And see the message “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now”. If we skip to remove the USB, the USB might be damaged. Please follow the article below to know how to fix this error.

fix loi Generic volume cannot be stopped right now

Instructions to fix the error “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now” on the USB

The possible reasons for the error “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now” of the USB are:

– Maybe we have an application open in the USB, but they forgot to close.
– The operating system is accessing a file of the USB.
– Maybe because Virus exists in USB.


Turn off all explorer windows, including windows that don’t have USB access.
– Check if there are any files in the USB open and turn it off.
– If all connections are turned off and there is still an error, maybe the USB has Virus, then we have to find an antivirus software to scan.

You can use the software “Unlocker” to unlock the USB and remove the USB.

– You can download the latest version of Unlocker here.
– Install the software on the computer according to the instructions, quite simple.

When we want to remove the USB, we right click on the selected USB Unlocker.

The statistics table of applications accessing to USB appears as shown below, we choose Unlock All.

Then click on the secure disconnect image at the bottom right of the screen, and select Eject TransMemory, and then remove the USB securely from the computer.
By following the steps above, you have completely eliminated the error “Generic volume cannot be stopped right now” on the USB and can safely exit the USB from the computer.


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