Fix Slide to Unclock / Power Off doesn't work on iPhone

 Fix Slide to Unclock / Power Off doesn’t work on iPhone

Fix Slide to Unclock / Power Off doesn’t work on iPhone

If you are in the case of the iPhone Slide button, such as being unable to slide the slider to unlock or turn off the power, you can still slide the bottom menu to use lights, adjust brightness, turn on / off Wi- Fi … or sliding the menu from the top down to view the notifications, the following article will help you find out the causes of this problem and how to fix it.

The cause of the Slide button is not working

Issues related to Slide buttons like Slide to unclock and Slide to power off Inactive operation usually occurs on iPhone 7/7 Plus, but you may still encounter this on older versions.

Hardware or software errors can all be the culprits. However, it is really difficult to distinguish these two causes. If it’s a software problem then you can definitely fix it with the solutions presented below. However, if it’s a hardware issue, I’m afraid you should take your device to an authorized Apple repair shop.

For hardware, it could be due to a touch screen, short circuit or motherboard problem that you can’t fix yourself. As for software issues, there are some possibilities that are due to iOS errors, temporary unresponsive errors or an application or program that is not working.

Slide button error does not work

Check equipment before operation

Before starting to follow the instructions below, you first need to check some important issues on your iPhone.

  1. Make sure your iPhone has been updated to the latest version of iOS. If the update has an error then it can be resolved by going to Settings> Software Update and check.
  2. Keep the device screen clean from anything like water, dust, oil, and sweat. A good habit is to wipe the iPhone with a soft cloth or tissue. Do not use dry, dry things as this can make things worse.
  3. Above all, you have to check whether the problem is due to hardware or software errors. If it is a hardware problem, take it to a service center immediately. If not, make a call to your iPhone and see if you can slide the slider slice to answer is not. If possible, it could be a software problem.

Checking devices

Recovery methods

1. Remove screen protector

Remove screen protector

If the problem occurs after you put a protective sticker on the iPhone screen, you need to remove it immediately. A low-quality protective sticker can significantly reduce the sensitivity of the screen, so peel it off and check if the slider button works.

2. Dry if the phone gets wet

Dry if the phone gets wet

If you are outside, experiencing rain or living in a humid climate, be careful. Your beloved iPhone may be wet. Although it is not as wet as you can see a few drops of water on the screen, it may get wet on the inside, making the slider unresponsive. Therefore, you should wrap your phone up in the rain or find ways to dry it, such as using a hair dryer or placing it on a bowl of rice to dehumidify.

3. Restart the device using a hardware key

Boot with hard button

When unable to power off the iPhone using the slider, you can try using it to reboot with the hard buttons. Restarting with a hard key can fix some temporary problems on some level on the phone. Hold down power button and Home button at the same time until the screen goes completely black. After a few minutes, you can reboot the phone with the power button.

4. Reset iPhone to factory settings

Reset iPhone to factory settings

The final method is to reset your iPhone. In the process of restoring to factory settings, all content and settings on the previous iPhone will be lost. It can effectively solve most iPhone problems, but the downside is data loss. Therefore, you need backup iPhone data Before getting into work. You can reset the device in two ways:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Contents and Settings.
  • With iTunes: Connect the device to iTunes and access the page Summary, then click on Restore iPhone …

Finally, if you’ve done the above methods and the slide button still doesn’t work, regardless of whether it’s for hardware or software reasons, you should take your device to a reputable store to fix it.

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