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Fix font errors in Word, Excel with Unikey


The problem of font error text in Word happens quite a lot and most of them are due to font format between documents is not uniform. However, we can fix font errors in Word with Unikey easily and thoroughly. So how to fix font errors in Word with Unikey?

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How to fix font errors when you receive a Word or Excel text file with an error ?, have you ever encountered an unreadable error because of font error, broken font … The following article, Taimienphi will guide you how to fix it, Fix font errors by using Vietnamese typing software Unikey.
How to edit standard fonts in excel word in unikey

Instructions to fix font errors in Word, Excel with Unikey

Article Contents:
1. For the latest Unikey.
2. For Unikey old version.

Method 1: Fix font errors in Word, Excel with the latest Unikey

Suppose we have a piece of text with .VnTime as shown below, obviously the string is normal text right. However, this is only the format of .VnTime, when you switch to the current Unicode standard font, it will not.
Word and Excel editing tools
Specifically, you just need to convert to Unicode format like Arial, Time New Roman will have the results as below, so how to fix font error in Word with Unikey in this case?
How to edit standard fonts in excel word in unikey
Step 1: First you need to highlight the entire line, the paragraph needs font error in Word with Unikey then click Ctrl + C key combination to copy it.
how to fix font errors when downloading documents
Step 2: Then open Unikey on your computer to let it display the interface as shown below, here you click Ctrl + F6 key combination to open the tool to allow font errors in Word with Unikey.
how to edit standard fonts in word, excle online
Step 3: Another interface shows another interface, in this interface you just need to note the adjustment Source is TCVN3 (ABC). and the destination is Unicode then click transcoding is done.
how to edit the standard font in word when it comes back
Step 4: If there is an announcement Successfully converted RTF clipboard, the error format conversion is complete now press OK Go back and go to the Word page.
How to edit standard fonts in word bang unikey
Step 5: Here you Ctrl + V to paste it will see that the whole paragraph has been fixed font error in Word by Unikey to Unicode format. You can rest assured that even if you continue typing the font, there will be no errors.
Editing font, Word, excel

2. Method 2: Fix font errors in Word, Excel with Unikey old version


Your computer must be fully installed fonts. Download Font full
Vietnamese Percussion Unikey latest version. Download Unikey

the standard font editing Unikey

Step 1: Open Word or Excel 2003, 2007 or higher files that need to fix the faulty font, select the area to fix the font error, then copy them (Ctrl + C).

Step 2: Right-click the Unikey icon at the bottom of the toolbar, select “Tools“Or you can press a key combination Ctrl + Shift + F6.

Edit standard fonts in Excel by Unikey

Step 3: Here you need to specify the correct “source font” and “target font” to fix the error, you can also use it Reverse the code to change. Then press Transcoding

Usually if you do convert from .VNTime font to Time New Roman you need to change the word source TCVN 3 (ABC) to target Unicode and vice versa.

fix loi, fix unikey standard font

Finally, you open a new Word file or Excel and Past (Ctrl + V). And check the results, if not, you can “Reverse the code“to do it again.

So with the above article we have instructed you how to fix or correct font errors in Word and Excel with Unikey, very simple but effective. Hope to be of much help to you in the process of using.

* In case you, after converting PDF to Word, you get a font error due to font incompatibility between VnTime (TCVN3) and fonts in Unicode encoding. First of all, you still need to download the PDF file to your computer, then convert PDF to Word and perform the conversion as in the above article.
* After converting PDF to Word and converting VnTime to Time New Roman, there will still be some misspelled words, you follow the instructions. Search and replace words in Word ElectrodealPro introduced to thoroughly solve all spelling errors.

In some cases users have downloads VietKey And using Vietkey to type Vietnamese also encountered font errors in Word, Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 or higher, now you need to download more Unikey and do the same.
To not have to fix font errors with Unikey, you should save word file without font error so that when opening to another device, there is no need to fix the font error



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