Fix, fix error can not disconnect USB from Windows

Fix, fix error can not disconnect USB from Windows

When the USB is finished using, you want to safely disconnect the computer by using Safely remove Windows’ default hardware, but cannot disconnect. ElectrodealPro will guide you how to handle this error in the article below.

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USB is a means to help users store and move data quite compactly and used by the majority of users. However, in the process of using, it is not possible to avoid arising errors: Cannot format the USB, cannot safely exit the USB from the computer, … Below, ElectrodealPro will guide you to fix the error of not disconnecting. USB to Windows okay.

Instructions to fix the error does not disconnect USB from Windows

Case 1:

The cause of this error may be because there is still a program in the USB being executed and you cannot disconnect the USB from Windows now. Check if there are any USB programs running or any work is being done on the USB and turn it off so you can disconnect the USB drive from Windows.

Case 2:

If you are sure that there is no program or work being done related to your USB, but you still cannot disconnect the USB from Windows, then your USB is probably infected. In this case, it is recommended that you copy all the important data in the USB and proceed to reformat your USB to avoid possible risks to your data. After formatting is complete, your USB will be used again normally.

Tips If the USB format cannot be performed, you can refer to How to fix USB failure to format

If not, you can use Unlocker software to quickly and easily disconnect the USB from the computer. Just right-click on the USB drive and choose Unlocker, then delete all running processes and select Quit.

You can download the latest version of Unlocker here.
Safely disconnect the USB connection from the computer In order to protect the USB from damage or data loss if it is withdrawn suddenly, … Also during the process of using USB, you should have handy tools to protect USB from Viruses, protect data safely. by the software USB protection available in ElectrodealPro.


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