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Fix error “DNS Server not responding” on Windows 7/8


You can not access the Internet, every time you restart Troubleshooter, an error message appears “DNS Server not responding”. How to remedy this situation? Please try to follow the instructions below of offline!

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The DNS Server plays a decisive role in whether you have access to the Internet or not? Once you get the error message “DNS Server not responding”This means that your computer has been completely disconnected from the Internet even though the network connection did not have any problems. This situation is common on computers using Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

Fix “DNS Server not responding” error on Win 7/8

Step 1: Click on the Computer icon in the system tray ->Open Network and Sharing Center

fix loi dns server not responding

Or Click Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Change adater settings

Step 2: Right click Local Area Connection -> Properties

Step 3: Window Local Area Connection Properties opens ->Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) -> Properties

Step 4: Change the DNS address in the entry Use the following DNS Server addresses

Perferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Check mark in the text Validate settings upon exit.

Click OK

Step 5: Open Command Prompt (Refer to the article on how to open cmd on the operating system that you are using, most of the ways to open cmd on Windows versions are the same.)

Type commands IPCONFIG / ALL -> Enter

At this point, remember the address Physical Address

Step 6: Continue typing the command ncpa.cpl in the Command Prompt window Network Connections Open by right clicking on the network icon, then choose Open Network and Sharing Center> click on the connected network> select Properties> Configure

Step 7: Select Tab Advanced >Network Address in the item Property.

Section Value enter the address Physical address appears in the Command Prompt window (note, remember to remove the hyphen in the middle).

Click OK and restart the computer

Following the above steps you can fix the error “DNS Server not responding” on Windows 7/8 easily. After restarting your computer, your computer will be connected to the Internet as usual.
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