Fix Brush Tool not working in Photoshop

Fix Brush Tool not working in Photoshop

The Brush Tool is commonly used in Adobe Photoshop. Brush Tool (with shortcut B) is used to paint on shapes with Foreground Color, when drawing will create streaks with shapes you choose, maybe circles, easy shapes …

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You often use Adobe Photoshop to edit, merge photos, … but then suddenly you open up Photoshop using the Brush Tool but it doesn’t work, doesn’t get any shape, you start to worry. know how this Photoshop error solves. The following article ElectrodealPro will help you fix the Brush Tools not working in Adobe Photoshop.

Repair brush tool in photoshop does not work

Guide to fix Brush Tool not working error

Step 1: On the program interface, press the key combination Ctrl + D to deselect. The goal is to remove the selection by tools Marquee Tool.

Step 2: Open Channeles in the table layers. The aim is to check if you are working with the mode Quick Mask Channel or with any Channel mode.

Step 3: If working in mode Quick Mask Channel then press Q, the keypad to exit that mode.
When you make such mistakes you need to check that you are working with the class layers Which, and which mode does the tool use Brush Tool will become simpler. Wish you use the tool Brush Tool expertly.


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