Fix 5 common common errors on Windows 11 Insider Preview version, helping you have a more stable experience trải

Fix 5 common common errors on Windows 11 Insider Preview version, helping you have a more stable experience trải

However, some basic errors have been found by DEVs around the world, so that this new version of the operating system can operate more stably. Below is an article that summarizes basic errors and how to fix them, you should check them out after upgrading to a new operating system version.

1. Fingerprint lost error

After the update, the device does not recognize the fingerprint. Please visit Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Select the line Fingerprint recognition. After that, you delete the old fingerprint and put in the new fingerprint.

2. App not working

When updating from Windows 10 to Windows 11, there will be a lot of applications that you need to delete and re-download to use on the new operating system. Go to the search box above Taskbar > Find the application name and select Uninstall. Especially Messenger, Zalo and Facebook.


Then you come back store for multiple copies Native for Windows 11 Please.


3. Connection not working

This is only temporary, so don’t worry too much about touching the WiFi, volume and battery areas but they don’t work. You just need to restart to cure the disease.


4. WiFi error

Only a few devices have this error when used on Windows. Please change the device name and restart Windows to fix the error. To change your name, press the key combination Windows + i, later select Rename to rename.


5. Can’t switch apps error.

This is quite difficult when you cannot quickly switch to the application you want. If you meet the above situation, you can use it Alt + Tab to quickly switch applications on the Tab tab


Or you can use 4 fingers to swipe from the bottom up on the Touchpad to open multitasking and select the application you want.


Finally, you open 2 windows on the same application, so that when you put the mouse pointer on it, it will be easier for you to select the application you need.


In addition, there are many bugs that you will probably have to wait for the next updated version. If there are more ways to fix the error, I will update immediately.


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