Five years later, the byte beating, what will the marketing of “One Piece Passionate Blood Route” be done?

On April 22, the “One Piece Hot Blood Route” jointly produced by ByteDance’s Chao Xi Guangnian and China Mobile Games was officially launched. As of press time, this comic-modified 3D action mobile game has scores of 6.6 and 8.6 on TapTap and Haoyoukuaibang respectively, ranking first on the iOS free list, and temporarily ranking seventh on the iOS best-selling list.

“One Piece Hot Blood Route” official website homepage map

In the introduction of the official website, “One Piece Passion” is a brand new genuine One Piece 3D action mobile game, based on the super-popular animation “ONEPIECE” world view as a prototype, to restore a 3D immersive navigation for players in an all-round way world.

As a big IP product, the attention of “One Piece Hot Blood Route” is beyond doubt. Taking into account that after the baptism of the previous games, the taste of aviation fans is getting more and more tricky. Whether it is action or APRG One Piece IP mobile game, which was launched before the benchmark, such results are already very good. It can be seen that the players are very good at “Navigation”. “Wang Blood Route” is still quite satisfactory.

Although there are detailed issues such as servers, the overall evaluation is acceptable

Let’s look back at the release of this product before it went online:

From the marketing side, it’s surprising that “One Piece Hot Blood Route” did not use the huge byte traffic system for strong exposure as everyone expected, or bought crazy like the past big IP issuance ideas (from In terms of the number of “One Piece Passionate Routes” on AppGrowing, only 257 were posted in the past 7 days, and 385 were posted in the past 3 months), but in the early stage, I chose to use the high-quality Ucg content matrix for word-of-mouth building and Conversion.

Not only continued exposure on the game vertical KoL content platform, but also began to open Ucg matrix marketing to make appointments for new appointments on suitable platforms such as game comics and mobile game information when it is about to go online.

“One Piece Hot Blood Route” WeChat game vertical and UCG matrix marketing

On the release side, a series of warm-up activities with the theme of “Sea Fan Rallying Plan” have been launched: various forms of market activity materials such as the theme station “Merry” and nine popular character posters are used to attract fan groups, and then use them. The settled groups are fissioning and spreading, driving more and larger real customer groups.

“One Piece Passionate Blood Route” Merley

On the whole, this time, the pre-publicity of “One Piece Hot Blood Route” is relatively conservative. In fact, this is more in line with Bytedance’s strategy in the game track-seeking progress in stability.

ByteDance is very strong, but still a newcomer in the game industry

Zhao Xi Guangnian once launched the MMO mobile game “Darts”. Although the results were not satisfactory, for the byte beating shortly after joining the game track, the IP of the Darts was used to bring himself the first wave very safely. The user’s basic disk. And “One Piece Hot Blood Route” is also a major IP. Although this game has made great efforts to ensure the gaming experience of IP players and public players, it still has some shortcomings, so Bytedance also chose the same. Stable strategy.

Since 2018, ByteDance has been in the game field for 3 years. Considering that heavy games can tap dividends on short video content and live broadcasts, the “Oasis Project” was established in June last year to start self-developing heavy games. But Byte Games has not yet launched a hot product. The products currently on the market have achieved certain results, and the traffic can be said to be indispensable. For example, “Blood Basketball” quickly squeezed into the second place in the free version, and others. The product popularity is still low.

Passionate basketball

It can be seen from the issuance and marketing that Bytedance is not as bad as everyone thinks, it just has its own strategic direction to move forward steadily, and it can be seen that it is more conservative in the issuance.

First, ByteDance is using agent products to explore the distribution and acceptance of game users under its own traffic matrix, analyzing and optimizing the portraits of this group of users, and gradually cultivating users’ habits;

Secondly, ByteDance is a global company, and its market ambition is not only for Chinese users but for covering the whole world. This means that it requires a period of talent building and forming its own short-board self-researched talent structure.

Self-developed games are another set of rules of the game. It tests the actual content production capacity. Tencent’s self-developed game has only achieved the glory of the king for ten years. So instead of taking risks and innovations in the game, it is the clear choice to stick to the traditional thinking and be steady. Therefore, Bytedance dare not rush into similar products like its other apps, create new themes and categories, and explore user boundaries.

Closed-loop delivery of massive engine games

At this time, the byte is beating, and the hand-held traffic is subdivided. While building a research and development team to make up for the lack of product and distribution capabilities, it is more like waiting for an opportunity to surprise everyone.

So in the Free Talk column in the Game Daily sharing ideas and industry discussions, if ByteDance has rich experience in game manufacturers, for example, after 5 years, “One Piece Hot Blood Route” will be positioned as a blockbuster strategic product. If it is launched to the market, aside from the premise of budget and difficulty of landing, how will it do event marketing for One Piece’s passionate route?

Xing Shen wants to challenge the use of ByteDance’s current commercial resources to do an event marketing (Welcome to discuss friendly ideas with each other~ Let your brain open up!).

Preview of the nine major characters in “One Piece’s Blood Route”

A series of warm-up activities based on the “Sea Fan Rally Plan” made before the game: through the “Merry” theme station and nine popular character posters, Xing Shen took a look at the scene modeling in the game, the huge manatee Very eye-catching.

“One Piece Hot Blood Route” game scene modeling

So… a bold idea composition began to emerge. Xing Shen thought of a conceptual framework and collaborated with a large-scale art installation artist to produce a manatee moo moo in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou. The sound of a manatee called a manatee to cause marketing reports and volume. The manatee eyes projected the game reservation code through holographic technology.

Landing concept map (from Mo Yu cooperation)

but! As a marketing dog, how can it end like this if you have an idea! So I made the entire timeline of event marketing and expanded the feasibility at the same time.

One Piece City Pop-up Event Marketing

“One Piece Hot Blood Route” seed users focus on IP fans, and we continue to expand the volume to let more Pirate fans know the game’s information. The manatee has also been upgraded, not only can cooperate with large-scale art installation artists, but also with the cruise company of Zhujiang New Town and the cruise company of Shanghai Bund to transform the appearance of the ship into the Meili.

Inside the cruise, there is a place to take pictures and check-in for One Piece, a cinema room, offline games, One Piece hand-runs, and a night market on the ship for sale, and other activities with rich pirate elements. COS, two-dimensional elements, and animation bloggers call for limited tickets to expand the game circle The volume of games in the animation circle and the two-dimensional circle.

Of course, the scope of radiated users is not only seed users, but will inevitably trigger incidents under the broad night scene of the city. It can also awaken public users and stimulate the desire of viewing groups to explore games.

Shanghai Bund event marketing sea fans convene concept map (concept map from Mo Yu cooperation)

In the warm-up period, considering that the game itself comes from Bytedance, most of the marketing positions chose the traffic matrix of Bytedance as a city convening and event marketing preheating. If you want to quickly reach urban users, the city of Douyin will open the screen. It’s nothing more than the first choice. In the warm-up period of the mid-term event, you can choose Douyin’s open-screen finishing product (video open-screen jump information flow immersive display), and high-definition aerial photography and enthusiastic call-up material editing for urban release.

Tik Tok City Opening (Guangzhou)

On the Weibo UCG content, the official account issued a warm-up, and the bloggers of the city official account, two-dimensional, animation, and Cos warmed up. In conjunction with the mid-term announcement of the event, the cos blogger announced that he would join the check-in, and the official account issued news, forming a call for the event to quickly ferment.

Official name sea fans convened to warm up

Weibo two-dimensional, animation, cos comprehensive UCG content matrix voice

Cos bloggers speak out in a comprehensive UCG punch-in content matrix

Event marketing is of course inseparable from news platforms. Today Toutiao is a very good event marketing position, which can be delivered in the form of native content.

Today’s headline news event marketing native launch

Douyin aerial photography

On the vibrato side, you can continue to create and expose content, such as aerial photography, Cos transformation, check-in strategy, urban local blogger experience, etc. The activity combines the game information flow material to make a detailed segmentation through the audience group, and is divided into four groups: animation fans, two-dimensional users, two-dimensional game users and action game users. At the same time, different information is customized for these four different user groups. Streaming ad delivery materials are delivered to the precise crowd, and then continuous optimization and iteration of the crowd DMP package.

Of course, the above ideas are only based on the premise of “unchanging the environment”. After all, what the game industry will look like in 5 years is still unclear. Finally, Xingchen hopes that “One Piece Hot Blood Route” can achieve good results in the market, and also expects that ByteDance can continue to move towards the next goal, build export monument products, and make the Chinese game market more popular in the hot industry development.


Although the product is king in the game distribution marketing system, marketing is the “icing on the cake” of the game is not a life-saving straw, but as market competition intensifies, traffic price adjustments, user diversion, and user portraits become more complicated, the cost has skyrocketed, and the color has increased. The marketing cost of acquiring customers is lower and more high-quality. This makes game publishers gradually realize that marketing is the trend of future traffic and publicity.

Lowering the budget for channels and purchases, and moving towards traditional creativity and brand marketing means greater risks and greater opportunities. Using good ideas to choose a communication path that suits you has gradually become a new trend and breakthrough in marketing.

Source: Game Daily


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