Five years after being crushed by the Apple Watch, Google brought a dream of revenge to Android Wear with a $ 2.1 billion Fibide deal - Photo 1.

Five years after being crushed by Apple Watch, Google brings a dream of revenge for Android Wear with a $ 2.1 billion Fibit deal.

In a step not surprising, Google has acquired wearable company (fashion technology pioneer) Fitbit with a total value of $ 2.1 billion. Founded in 2007, Fitbit is one of the pioneers of the wearble market with the Fitbit Tracker launched in 2010. However, only 4 years later, the appearance of Apple Watch pushed Fitbit (along with a variety of other wearable brands) is in a difficult position. After a difficult first half of 2019, Fitbit is said to have sold itself in July.

For its part, Google is also a loser. Despite having the most popular mobile operating system in the world, Google has never once brought WearOS (birth name Android Wear) into the top 5 in the world. By the end of 2018, the No. 1 position of the global wearable market still belongs to Apple, the remaining 4 positions belong to wristband companies that use the "stupid" operating system (do not run applications) or The smartwatch uses its own operating system (Samsung Tizen). Even in North America, Google can only make a small dot for WearOS through a small number of Fossil products.

Apple Watch dominates, Samsung does not use WearOS – Google is marginalized in the smartwatch battle.

The current smartphone battle situation does not allow Google to stand still. Based on figures from all major analytics companies, global smartphone sales have either decreased or increased slightly in the first three quarters of 2019. At the same time, Google's No. 1 rival is still going from quarter to quarter. This record business to another record quarter. The key to growth in the era of saturated smartphones no longer lies in smartphones: in the third quarter, Apple's accessories segment achieved sales of up to $ 6.5 billion, on par with Macs.

Until November 2, the tragic situation of WearOS has always forced Google to "give up" to Apple. The irony is, just because of Android, Android Wear (WearOS) is so pathetic: after being subjected to so many constraints imposed by Google on smartphones, Android manufacturers have tried to reduce their dependence on smartwatches, wearable (and also TV or IoT) by developing their own software. Losing the support of hardware manufacturers, WearOS cannot show any strength against Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch.

The Fitbit deal will help Google solve this problem. At just US $ 2.1 billion, Google immediately had a 10% global wearable market share (IDC data) and reached the top 5 with a gap not too far from Huawei or Samsung. Most importantly, WearOS creations will now always have a hardware dock – instead of having to leave the hands of those who are not keen on Samsung or Huawei.

Five years after being crushed by the Apple Watch, Google brought a dream of revenge to Android Wear with a $ 2.1 billion Fibide deal - Photo 2.

Acquiring Fitbit, Google immediately got a place in the top 5 globally.

Go ahead but then let the sweet fruit fall into the Apple Watch, this is an opportunity for Android Wear to regain after 5 years of hardship. Will Google finally be able to create smartwatches alongside Pixel Phone and Pixel Buds? At least now Android fans have been given a glimmer of hope.

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