Five-year-old boy was shocked when he put in a line of milk tea-Lianhe Daily

A woman named Chen from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, took a 5-year-old child to a tea shop to buy milk tea. During the process of queuing, she suddenly smelled a strange smell. “I don’t know what is burnt. Later I lined up. Talent told me that your son’s hand seems to be injured. “
Chen Nu mentioned that her son had his hands behind his back and was crying, but he dared not say anything, only to find out afterwards that his fingers had been electrofocused. She emphasized that because of the sudden incident, she did not know exactly what electric shock the son encountered. The only thing that impressed me was that I was standing in front of the cash register, and my son was in front of the window next door.
It is reported that after the 5-year-old was electrocuted, four fingers in his left hand and four fingers in his right middle finger were burned. Now half a month has passed. Although three of his fingers have recovered almost, there are still two fingers Wrapped in gauze, even writing difficult.
Chen Nu said that the doctor’s emergency list for the family at that time showed that the child was a third-degree electric shock. “The doctor told me that two of them had the most severe burns, and even after recovery, they would still have scars.
After the incident, the tea shop paid a total of 12,000 yuan (about RM 7086) to the family members of the injured boy. The beverage shop has just opened 3 days, and the person in charge said that he did not know why this happened.

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