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Five top-class latest costume styles, Yi Yang Qianxi narrowly beat Wu Yifan and Li Xian, Yang Mi and Song Qian compare their beauty to each other

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Styling is very important for celebrities. Even if they have a high-quality appearance, sometimes they will appear strange when they encounter a style that is not suitable for them. Especially when actors are challenging ancient costumes, suitable styles appear especially importance.

Recently, a game app shared a set of live action CG blockbusters. Five popular star COS heroes exposed the latest costume styles of Yi Yang Qianxi, Wu Yifan, Li Xian, Yang Mi, and Song Qian.

The first is Yi Yang Qianxi. Although Yi Yang Qianxi had a costume style before, it was several years ago, so this costume style was also a surprise to fans. She played the role of Zhuge Liang, dressed in a blue costume, and outlined her upright posture. . The forehead ornaments on the head and the accessories on the belt are full of antiquity, combining Zhuge Liang’s wisdom and youthfulness.

Yi Yang Qianxi’s hairstyle in this costume is still very good. The two bangs on her head are very good to modify the face, and then coupled with the headdress, the whole person is very handsome, many netizens said that they can directly shoot the look of the TV series.

Compared with Yi Yang Qianxi’s costume style, Wu Yifan’s costume style is not so satisfying. This time he is COS by Li Bai, wearing a cyan costume, the auspicious clouds and dark lines on the clothes are quite delicate.

But Wu Yifan, who has always been known for his good looks, in this video, the whole face looks weird, coupled with the lighting problem, the eyebrows appear very thick, the three-dimensional features on the face are smoothed , Completely unable to highlight its previous handsomeness.

The hairstyle is also a relatively ordinary costume hairstyle. It may be to reflect Li Bai’s chic feeling, so I left two bangs specially, but unlike Yi Yang Qianxi’s bangs, Wu Yifan’s two bangs seem to have some extra Now, the whole person looks very unspirited, but gives people a sense of decadence.

Compared with the more literary and artistic costumes of Yi Yang Qianxi and Wu Yifan, Li Xian looks more like a brave general in ancient costumes. The color of the whole person’s clothing is darker, and the headdress on his head is also very conspicuous.

But he plays a more literary hero in the game, Yixing, who uses the control of chess pieces as a weapon, so he also shows his own chess game in the video, but how to look at the violation, think he should take the weapon battlefield.

I have seen three male stars, and then look at the costume styles of two female stars. First of all, Yang Mi. Yang Mi can be said to have no failure in costume modeling, and this time is no exception, wearing a pink costume, although not exquisite The pattern, but the sleeves and shoulders, as well as the metal decoration on the waist, add a sense of heroism on the basis of sweetness.

The hair did not have a costume hairstyle, but with special hair accessories, it added a sense of exoticism and turned into a foreign dancer. However, the dress seemed to be a bit bigger, so the whole person looked a little bloated.

Song Qian plays the role of Yang Yuhuan in the game. She is also the one of the five celebrities who resembles the costumes of the game characters most. She wears typical Tang Dynasty costumes. Many fans said that she hopes that she looks like this. She can act in a Tang Dynasty costume drama.

And the headdress and hairstyle on her head are also very to restore the feeling of the game and the dynasty. They are very delicate. In just a few seconds, Song Qian also showed her dancing skills, dancing in it, and bringing the characters in the game The interpretation is alive, although this body shape is very prominent, but it also shows a particularly big face, exposing defects.

What do you think about seeing the latest costumes of five popular stars? Feel free to comment below and share your views with us.

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