Five dramas that have been "forced to stop broadcasting": If you haven't watched any of them, it would be a pity!

Five dramas that have been “forced to stop broadcasting”: If you haven’t watched any of them, it would be a pity!

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After some TV dramas are popular, they not only capture the audience by virtue of their high drama quality, but also gain the audience’s resonance and recognition by virtue of the daring writing and shooting shots in the drama. However, these TV dramas have been “watched” at the same time as they have set off an upsurge in watching dramas. Some dramas were forced to be taken off the shelves after the end, and some were suspended after being broadcast halfway. It is very regrettable, such as today. If you haven’t watched any of the five of the five that I have counted, it would be a pity.

The first “Remaining Sin”

There was a shortage of time before, so I revisited this drama again, it is really never tire of it. In the first season of Yu Sin, Zhang Yishan’s acting skills are really amazing, even the beginning lines are so good. Too gentlemen in the play. At that time, when the play was launched, when the male lead was played by Zhang Yishan, what came to mind was the handsome and handsome “Liu Xing” among children with children, but this play really changed my opinion of him. A huge improvement. However, because the extra crime in the play subverted the audience’s impression of the police in the past, it was a pity that the show was forced to stop broadcasting after the second season of the show was broadcast.

The second “Addiction”

It turned out that I was just rubbing at the door of the rot door, and this drama dragged me into the abyss of Tanmei. Then I watched a lot of Danmei dramas and still felt that only this one made me want to stop! Addiction is a pool of swamp, which is easy to sink into. This pool of swamp may grow various weeds over time, but the original features of the grass will be clearly visible, just like the original one. Maybe I’m already very familiar with the two of them so I feel that I can’t look directly at it anymore, but it really looks like I can see it in. It’s not embarrassing at all, the emotions are delicate, the details are in place, it is still the white moonlight in my heart.

The third part “Daming Dynasty 1566”

Talking about the tactics and negating the tactics, fictional history and pointing directly to the present world. In the play, Jiajing was from the emperor to the minister, and there were no people who were thoughtful and intelligent. However, under such inscrutable and inexplicable schemes, it is the fact that the national power is declining and the people’s livelihood is declining. In the end, Hai Rui used the world’s ambitions in mind and tried to expose the evils of the powers of the world, and the theme of the whole play was thus sublimated. In addition, it is extremely rare to deny the common notion that “the emperor’s heart cares about the people, but that the people below are crooked/have a double heart”. In short, if this drama is called second, no one dares to say first, it is really a god-worked work. If you haven’t read it, it’s really a pity.

The fourth “Traces”

This drama is very deliberate, and there is nothing particularly prominent in the plot. The content of this type of criminal investigation drama can be done without pretending that Dakong has passed. As for the police clothing that many people complain about, I personally think that this should not be considered as a sub-item. The female protagonist is not entirely a policeman, but an assistance. As long as it does not affect the work, clothing is not a problem? This drama is much better than I expected, and it’s a bit beyond expectations. If compared with the dark one, it is not inferior at all. If you watch it patiently, you will feel better. There are relatively few of this type, and it is worthy of praise. It’s a pity that the scale of the play may be slightly larger, and it was forced to be removed from the shelves later!

The fifth “Psychological Crime”

Proper five-stars, low cost, unknown actors, harsh shooting environment, such a finished product, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a pioneer and a benchmark in the past, five hundred cattle. Wang Takizheng appeared in the first episode and arrested the prisoner until he returned to the police station. If this was in the era of Japanese dramas in the past, a few protagonists would properly make stars in Japanese dramas. Moreover, five hundred are very good at choosing actors, and both actors and actresses are recognizable. This is true for psychological crimes and the casting of murderers in the white night. Park Hye-jin’s forensic doctor is so good-looking, don’t have plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the cut version affects the look and feel, and I can’t read it now.

Have you watched all the above five TV series that have been “forced to stop broadcasting”? If you have seen it all, no doubt the boss!


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