Five buffaloes, see artist Tao Linh's buffalo painting and listen to 'Drawing is a mental comfort' for 5 minutes to read

Five buffaloes, see artist Tao Linh’s buffalo painting and listen to ‘Drawing is a mental comfort’ for 5 minutes to read

The buffalo of painter Cao Linh always has an indescribable emotion, the contents of daily life are shown through contemplative contemplation, but there is still a gentle and extremely leisurely personality.

Every spring comes, the Tet atmosphere is bustling all over the street, the house is busy preparing Tet clothes, redecorating the home to welcome a new year with many ambitions. Tet is to mention peach trees, apricot trees, couplets, … and one of them has appeared for a long time that when Tet comes, everyone wants to have in their home that is Tet pictures.

Tet paintings have many different styles of expression, but in recent years I have always been impressed by the zodiac signs that appear in the artists’ works. Cao Cao.

Artist Cao Linh was born in 1960, coming from a family with a tradition when his father was also an artist. But before dabbling in the arts and choosing a palm-grip career as a formal pursuit, he worked as an automation engineer. During his technical days, he used to draw because it was a passion from his childhood.

When I worked as an engineer I used to draw but to me at that time drawing was just for entertainment to dispel the troubles of engineering. Artist Tao Linh shared “At that time I always painted, went to work or wherever I went, I brought some painting tools to practice because at that time I considered it as my hobby. And at a point I thought I should give up my engineering job to pursue only one thing, which was this drawing… and I have been with it for more than a decade as a professional artist. ”

Having worked in engineering for many years, logical thinking has greatly influenced his writing journey. And is clearly shown on the works, from the layout, color to the image, always has a special feature compared to other artists.

The themes in Cao Linh’s painting are always rich and never binding. “My organs are not left-leaning, of course when I study myself, I have to improve a lot of things from the development of art history, cave art to classical art, biblical illustration to Modern art I have all experienced … but in the end people always find what they are most comfortable with and I choose the abstract expression. “

Drawing is comfortable and pleasant so they come to him very simply, claiming that he doesn’t like to depict scenes, but always draws everything according to his look and feel about things like streets, trees, animals or people, … rather than describing it as an image.

So that “Buffalo Tan Suu” brings a very different feeling, the expression does not follow the way of expression that has appeared before. Many people even happily said that must collect all 12 Cao Linh armor.

Talking about the image of buffalo artist Cao Linh said: “Visually, buffalo is an animal with a pretty beautiful shape. The buffalo is associated with the wet rice civilization of the Vietnamese people and is considered a speculation. Of the 12 zodiac animals, the buffalo is probably the closest to the Vietnamese people, it is both a tool, even a legacy from past to present. So the buffalo image is exploited a lot in art. “

The image of a buffalo through the hands of painter Tao Linh gives viewers an idyllic feeling derived from the rustic nature. He did not follow realistic style but chose abstract expression to express his feelings, visual language is simplified in an extract, each work has its own conceptual story.

The colors are used by artists for certain purposes to create a beautiful space for the work.

Thanks to that, the buffalo of painter Cao Linh always has an indescribable emotion, the contents of daily life are shown through contemplative contemplation, but there is still a gentle personality and extremely cancer right.

And when it comes to Tet pictures – zodiac pictures also remind him of many Tet memories “I am more than 60 this year and I have also gone through that many Tet holidays, at my age, Tet is also very different from young people. I was born in a time of war, even at that time I was still hungry, so the Tet holiday was very special. In the past, only Tet could eat banh chung, but now want to be able to always eat it. ”

Thank you very much to painter Cao Linh for participating in today’s conversation with iDesign readers. I wish him lots of health to continue creating beauty for Vietnamese painting.

See more of the artist Tao Linh’s work here

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