First look at the spectacular re-enactment of the legendary Contra

Contra – the classic shooting action game of many childhood fans, will return after more than 8 years of absence since its last version is Hard Corps: Uprising with the name Rogue Corps. Not only announced the release date on September 24, Konami also gives players an extremely attractive gameplay coop promising to continue to bring a unique multiplayer experience.

First look at the spectacular re-enactment of the legendary Contra - Photo 1.


According to information from the developer Konami, Contra: Rogue Corps will still be designed in a 3D style from a top-down perspective similar to the previous Neo Contra version and the same PVE gameplay is familiar to use. 2 need analog to control. The game will provide players with 3 main modes including single-story play, online coop play and internal coop 4 play (there will be a separate version for the Switch)

Experience the first coop in Contra Rogue Corps

Through the interesting gameplay trailer above, players can guess that the game will still have the return of four familiar characters including Kaiser, Ms Harakiri, The Gentleman beetle and the giant panda The Hungry Beast. . Players may be allowed to change both primary and secondary weapons while the game is in progress. Despite owning an unlimited amount of ammunition, however, players will have to pay attention to the heat meter bar to avoid being overloaded. At the end of each game, players can upgrade their equipment and weapons and customize it to their liking. In addition, each character in the game will have unique skills that help them deal a large amount of damage to enemies. With a very familiar and attractive gameplay coop, many players hope that Contra Rogue Corps will be a special return that Konami sends to his players after more than 8 years of absence.

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