First impression OPPO Reno5 F: With 6.72 million * we will have a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen, quality camera and 30W fast charging

First impression OPPO Reno5 F: With 6.72 million * we will have a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen, quality camera and 30W fast charging

Recently, OPPO Reno5 F – OPPO’s latest smartphone in the Reno5 Series series was launched in Kenya in Africa. Come on! Please stay tuned to see the first impressions of this OPPO Reno5 F.

Note: OPPO Reno5 F officially launched in the Kenyan market with a price tag of 292 USD (equivalent to 6.72 million VND).
OPPO Reno5 F has been officially launched

OPPO Reno5 F has been officially launched. Source: OPPO Kenya.

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OPPO Reno5 F has 4 rear cameras for outstanding quality

The back is where the Reno5 F’s 4-camera cluster is located. I quite like this back of the Reno5 F when it is made very glossy, combining colors with each other extremely brilliant. Along with the color change effect when tilting to different light angles, we will see more clearly with Fantastic Purple (dreamy purple) color on Reno5 F. What gives Reno5 F users the standout and different certain differences.

In addition, the 4-camera cluster of the Reno5 F has a different design, looks more square, not a long rectangle like the other Reno5.  I feel this camera design is not too big and it looks like the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Rear view of Reno5 F

Rear view of Reno5 F. Source: OPPO Mobile.

  • About the camera parameters, we will OPPO Reno5 F with the following camera parameters:
  • 48 MP main camera.
  • Depth camera supports 2 MP font capture.
  • 8 MP super wide-angle camera.
Camera macro 2 MP.
Camera parameters of Reno5 F

Camera parameters of Reno5 F. Source: OPPO Mobile.

The fact that OPPO equips a mid-range phone like the Reno5 F with 4 cameras helps to bring us more experience and be able to be creative. In addition, Reno5 F also owns the typical features of the Reno5 series, such as: Dual exposure video recording, color split video recording, font removal, AI object recognition … These features will support them. We take a lot of creativity, as well as increase our inspiration to use the machine.

The OPPO Reno5 F is equipped with an AMOLED screen with a size of 6.4 inches

In terms of appearance, it belongs to the Reno5 Series but Reno5 F has slightly different design lines, with subtle rounded corners and edges. At the same time, OPPO is curved softly on the back to look a lot more feminine.

Next, the screen is the most prominent feature of the Reno5 F, with a size of 6.4 inches and a 32 MP selfie camera for sharp selfie quality.  In addition, thanks to the perforated design, the device has optimized the display space, giving us a screen with a wide viewing angle, viewing more content.
OPPO Reno5 F owns a 6.4-inch screen

OPPO Reno5 F owns a 6.4-inch screen with a punch-hole design. Source: OPPO Mobile.

Reno5 F screen is equipped with FullHD + resolution for sharp and flattering details, accompanied by an AMOLED panel, so the display of colors and details of the Reno5 F is very good.

I highly appreciate the display quality of the AMOLED screen when it reproduces extremely vibrant colors with high contrast, so it is very suitable for us to watch movies, watch newspapers as well as play games.

OPPO Reno5 F has an outstanding configuration with 8 GB RAM

As for the configuration, there is currently no information about the chip that the Reno5 F uses, but I guess in the price range of 6 million, it is possible that the Reno5 F will be equipped with Snapdragon 662. At the same time, during the livestream, I saw the players playing the game very smoothly, so I hope the multitasking experience will be equally smooth.

In addition, the OPPO Reno 5 F is even more prominent when it is equipped with 8 GB of starting RAM, and 128 GB of internal memory enough for us to use multi-tasking and store many pictures, music, applications. and game.  It can also be expanded with an external memory card if that is not enough.
Configuration of OPPO Reno5 F

Configuration of OPPO Reno5 F. Source: OPPO Mobile.

Besides, when sold, the machine will run ColorOS 11.1 version with many new upgrades and many interesting new customization. I also really like ColorOS because of its own customization and originality on OPPO products.

As for the battery, the Reno5 F is equipped with a 4,310 mAh battery, enough to play games and plow movies, which will consume a lot of power.  If it is only used for the purpose of listening to calls, doing light tasks such as reading newspapers, surfing the web, the machine can last for a day.
OPPO Reno5 F is equipped with 30 W fast charger

OPPO Reno5 F is equipped with 30W fast charger. Source: OPPO Mobile.

In addition, the Reno5 F is equipped with a 30W VOOC Flash Charge, which shortens the charging time so that we don’t have to wait too long to use the Reno5 F.


It can be said that the Reno5 F is a standout phone with a 6.4-inch screen and an AMOLED panel for a nice display. Along with that the machine owns a good configuration, 4,310 mAh battery and 30 W fast charger for long-term use.

Referring to the price, to own a Reno5 F in Africa, you need to spend about 292 USD (about 6.72 million VND).

What do you think of this OPPO Reno5 F? Please leave your comments in the comments.

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