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First disclosure of the gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers, blockbuster super hot game superhero village

As one of the new titles on the subject of superheroes, Marvel’s Avengers continues to give players a lot of fun when being immersed in superhuman beings that we witnessed on cine screens. At Comic Con event, Marvel Games and Crystal Dynamics also had a more detailed introduction to this game, in particular about the mechanism for customizing and collecting items.

First disclosure of the gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers, the hottest blockbuster superhero game village - Photo 1.

At the last event, Crystal Dynamics gave players a glimpse through a gameplay trailer about the game's item acquisition system with one of the most precious items being an iron glove. Iron Man's. The rarity of these items is indicated by different colors like many other role-playing games. On each item, the stats will also be attached to increase a character's quality when using the item.

However, this item does not seem to affect the character's design much. At the Comic-Con event, the company introduced the designs and several different looks for the entire main cast. In particular, many people pay attention to the image of three characters, Hulk, Thor with a more regal appearance and an Iron Man with dozens of different armor color schemes. The director of the game, Shaun Escayg, promises that some of the costumes introduced in the trailer and the gameplay at the event will be just a tiny fraction of the total number of costumes the game has. Therefore, players can have many choices in their customization.

First disclosure of the gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers, the hottest blockbuster superhero game village - Photo 3.

In addition, the spoils in the game only affect the gameplay and not affect the appearance of the character. In the trial version, each hero seems to have some special abilities and each item received can contribute to increasing the power or certain factors on these abilities. These details are still quite vague for many gamers and we all have to wait until the end of this year to see the producers reveal more about it. Finally, the manufacturer also gives players a glimpse of a character upgrade for this superhero game. The upgrade board will have skill trees and players can choose abilities to customize their characters.

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