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First 24 hours with Oppo Reno: beautiful mate back, unique shark fin camera, delicious navigation gesture

After 24 hours since I borrowed a long time, started installing sims, logging into Google and using Oppo Reno, quite a lot of positive emotions in a day with my new camera, especially a machine with quite a lot. unique points in the current Android world that each company is trying to find its own way. Below are my quick experiences after more than 24 hours of taking the camera, going through a normal day with many friends, lots of dates and of course, personal work and entertainment.

Do not spend donations, let the beautiful natural machine do not need fixing … ha

The first point is the appearance of the included 3.5mm headset and after re-verification, I am excited to have the existence of a 3.5mm port, no need for complicated redundant adapter.

When I opened the box, I quickly put the back cover to protect and quickly regret it. The panel has two sides that are too high, which can help to protect the machine more safely, but it makes the swipe gestures as well as swipe from the bottom up become difficult to implement and will be more uncomfortable.

I recommend that any brother who buys the device should let the bare-metal machine use it, maybe many of you think a bit adventurous, but I think it's totally worth it. Why hide the beauty of the back itself because of an ugly case. The back of the device is almost the point that helps Reno break away from the rest of the current Android world with its shiny, glossy, colorful gradients.

We still have the color shifted under different lighting conditions, but the green I borrowed is strong enough, changing from black, blue to green and even blue, worthy of the name Oppo set for Ocean Green. However, what is worth mentioning is the smooth surface of mate mate, which helps even with fingerprints is much more difficult to see. On the other hand, it also looks like the future, more modern and also "conceals" the nature of the plastic material on the back (typing in it).

Navigate by smart gestures

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Reno uses the ColorOS 6 interface based on Android 9 and the point that impresses me very well in the first tweaks is navigation gestures. We have such simple but civilized things: clawed purely to exit the application to home, swipe left and back, swipe right to reach, swipe up and hold to open multitasking. It sounds simple but this helps Reno despite running Android 9 but it is closer to gestures on Android 10, providing a more convenient user experience right from the most basic.

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In addition, I found that having the function of using fingerprint or password to lock private applications is also quite good, will play with many other features to inform you later.

This O note means it!

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The back of the camera cluster is submerged into the machine, forming a whole flat surface, similar to the way the LG G8 does. It will certainly raise a fear of scratching. Luckily, Oppo has a solution: attach the note to the back to about 0.5mm. The rounded note on the back has a very small size, not too big, it is very offensive but not too small to operate inefficiently.

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By the way, the camera interface allows us to quickly switch between two focal points in the main camera, 1x and 2x. I like this because my 2x focal point is pretty much used and I think many brothers feel it is appropriate. This focal point is for us to capture Facebook food, take small items, take notes, … without giving it too much like longer focal lengths or too close if the angle is wider. In addition, Reno's camera also has a professional mode, adjusting the shooting speed to 16s, ISO to 100, … promising to capture many photo themes with different effects.

Shark fin cameras are innovative, fast and effective

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In an Android world trying to get rid of the rabbit-ear movement that started with Apple, many solutions were introduced, from popping up to turning the camera or mole, when OPPO was once one of the pioneering companies. In the indentation of Find X. Now they follow it and I think it will be more successful with shark fins.

Although the camera cluster still emits a sound similar to Find X (seems smaller), there is something to be confirmed that is more beautiful and impressive. This is a factor that helps me attract a lot of attention from my friends in the past day. The camera part is not so sharp that it is rounded on the side, which looks much cuter when it comes out.

Look delicious, will hear more

I tried to set this camera cluster to identify the unlocked face, and also set it to open by fingerprint. When pressing the power button to open the screen, the total time for the camera to run up, unlock the device and close it for more than 1 second, faster than the operation, I touch the screen to unlock it with my fingerprint even if I am close belongs to that operation more. Oppo said that this group of fish fins can be closed 200 thousand times, quite a lot and I will test it more to report you.

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Thanks to the shark fin camera solution, we will have a more rounded screen, more overflow, and since then, the experience of looking at it has been more. It somewhat erases points like resolution only FullHD + or the lower chin part is slightly thicker than the other edges. And when trying to watch youtube, I discovered that when holding the camera vertically, the sound will be even and better when holding the camera horizontally. In the full-screen horizontal position, it feels like the right side is slightly more than the left. I will try to play, edit and experience more with you in this section. That's basically it

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