First 100 days: Left-wing media focus on fashion instead of Harris policy

First 100 days: Left-wing media focus on fashion instead of Harris policy

It seems that the popular topics for Kamala Harris’ first 100 days as vice president in the left-wing media are fashion, footwear, knitting … rather than policies, especially border policy. , Fox News said.

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Last month, Washington Post reporter Jura Koncius followed Harris to a crochet shop in Alexandria, Virginia, and concluded that the vice president was making crochet. The fact that Harris admits she is knitting, writes Koncius, makes this hobby even more interesting. The reporter also wrote that knitting people now feel as if Harris has given them “more credibility” when appearing on the street and the knitting arts community feels “a little dizzy” about that.

Then, on Wednesday of last week, the day Mr. Biden gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress, the New York Times published a report titled “100 Days of Vice President Style,” attached. subtitle “Kamala Harris doesn’t want to talk about fashion. So is Jill Biden. You can understand why. But many still want to know what they’re wearing. “

The editors then analyzed Harris’s inaugural outfit, explaining that her fashion choices marked her “A new dawn for the American fashion industry.”

“Mrs. Harris has dressed three different Black designers, including a purple dress and a red and blue matching jacket,” The NY Times wrote. “It seems to herald a new era of conscious dress, and a new dawn for the American fashion industry that has been reeling from four years of administration. [Trump] has trampled all political norms, including their tradition of using clothing as an expression of patriotism. Not to mention the effects of the corona virus pandemic, with closure and bankruptcy. ”

The Los Angeles Times had previously been ridiculed after it announced in January that it would be rolling out “Covering Kamala Harris” as “a section dedicated to her historic advancement into the White House.”

Critics say the LA Times operates not more like a newspaper, but more like a “PR company” for the Biden administration.

Harris has also appeared on several magazine covers. For example, Vogue put her on the cover of their February 2021 issue.

Commenting on this incident, Fox News collaborator Joe Concha compared to the “invisible” of former First Lady Melania Trump when magazines ignored her.

Last week, some media also reported that Harris said it was “normal” for two women to sit behind the President in his speech to Congress. CNN took this opportunity to write extensively to Harris’s path leading to the vice presidency, and suggested that she excelled at capturing the heart of the President’s agenda.

“Harris, who sat in the room last year as the California Senator, trained and became one of the President’s most important advisers. She told CNN’s Dana Bash in an exclusive interview last week that she was the last person in the room when Mr. Biden made important decisions, including the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Wrote CNN.

NBC’s “TODAY” program selected a picture of Harris touching her elbow on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the joint session as their “picture of the week”.

However, when it comes to the border, critics note that Mrs. Haris’s silence about the crisis speaks volumes.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said left-wing media ignored Harris’s lack of transparency when she refused to hold a press conference since her appointment as border crisis manager.

“Mrs. Harris has been assigned and has so far failed miserably when she refused to take the most basic step of coming. [biên giới] Observe directly and speak with officials at the scene. With the crisis now turning into a disaster on the border, people would think that coverage of the vice president wouldn’t be very bright. But it’s no surprise that the majority of our media have always sought PR [cho bà ấy] blatantly right in the middle of the sun, “ Concha said.

With Concha remarks similarly, critics of the Washington Post article about Mrs. Harris’ knitting interests asked the editors, “How’s the border?”

Le Vy (according to Fox News)

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