Scott Rozansky, Head of Dentons' Montreal Venture Capital Practice Group.


Scott Rozansky, Head of Dentons’ Montreal Venture Capital Practice Group.

Several attorneys from Dentons’ securities group have collaborated to set up this center, which is intended as a reference tool for business owners considering an IPO.

There is a guide in English, which will soon be translated into French and Mandarin. Contributing lawyers will also continue to share any new relevant information.

As part of the launch of the resource center, a series of conferences with experts and entrepreneurs who have already made an IPO was also organized.

Scott Rozansky, Head of the Montreal Venture Capital Practice Group, explains that the idea came about during one of the weekly meetings between the Securities Section Heads of all Dentons offices.

“When we realized in the summer of 2020 that the boom we were seeing in the number of stock market listings was not running out of steam, we wanted to create a platform where we could transmit as much information as possible. to entrepreneurs who were thinking about it, ”he says.

Of course, the objective is also to create a first contact with potential customers, since the resource center is accessible to all.

“If entrepreneurs want more information, we can meet them. It is a preliminary service that is offered free of charge. I get calls like this with potential clients at least once a week, ”he says.