Firefox will block all sources of tracking personal data by default

Firefox will block all sources of tracking personal data by default

While Firefox is not necessarily the first browser to feature the block tracker feature, it is still ahead of Chrome, just starting to restrict access to the tracker. The reason for this is that Google has the right to maintain the number of trackers that track users by advertising-based companies, which is not the main source of revenue for Mozilla and Apple.

Firefox will block all future web tracking resources to protect website users, analytics companies and advertisers who want to monitor their behavior. This change promises to improve the speed of the browser and keep users' web usage habits as private as possible. At the same time promote advertisers to less invasive actions.

This Mozilla move is a big step forward in privacy, although it hasn't really "worked out" as much as Apple has built on Safari a few years ago. Apple's browser almost blocks all third-party tracking apps by default, instead of just a few that are added to the blacklist by users. Apple also restricts the tracking used by third parties if you do not interact with their site for a full day.

However, this policy of Apple limits many user experiences when many websites use cookies or tracking tools to make the most relevant information available. So Mozilla will be more comfortable, only block tracker, not all cookies in general.

In addition, those who require greater security can access the section Setting of Firefox and change the selection of the standard "standard" to "strict".

The block tracker feature will be available automatically for all new Firefox users during the day today and cover all devices in the coming months. If you use Firefox as your main browser and wish to immediately use this feature (which has been integrated since October), you can change it right away in the settings.

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