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Firefox 69 officially launches tomorrow, but you can install it now

Tomorrow, Mozilla will release Firefox 69 to users around the world. However, if you want to receive this update now, you can feel free to visit Mozilla to get the appropriate installer for your device.

Users can now download and install Firefox 69

MacOS users benefit the most from Firefox 69, which Mozilla says the new browser will help improve battery life on MacOS 'dual graphics systems. With this update, Finder on macOS will show the download progress while you download something using Firefox.

Two other new features are only available on Firefox 69 for Windows. The first is that Firefox offers suggestions for Windows to set the priority level to allow more system resources to be used on the activity tab (tabs running in the background will use less resources).

The second new feature on Firefox 69 for Windows supports the extension "Web Authentication HmacSecret" through Windows Hello on systems running Windows 10 May 2019 or later.

The last major change was related to Flash. The "Always Active" Flash installation option has been removed; Firefox users will always be required to authorize before Flash content is enabled on the site.

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