Fire Force 17 - Black and White, and Grey

Fire Force 17 – Black and White, and Grey

Oh Fire Force.  Every episode it seems you do 5 things right…and three things wrong.  Every single one is on the verge of greatness, but very few cross over.  Let’s take a look!

By the way, I’ve really enjoyed the little popup show at the front of the episodes as a means for world building.  While I think it’s a little lazy, it also allows the show to focus on the breadwinners – action and comedy.

So what I liked here: First, Hibana is a treat.  I think her character has stayed consistent, and we see her clear fighting strengths…coupled with personal weakness.  The fact that this is continually reinforced does give some credibility to Shinra’s defeat of her…and her subsequent affection.  Still, maintaining that everyone else is dirt (Shinra excluded) manages to avoid a common problem in anime – when character development of a former enemy goes too far and is unbelievable.  Secondly, shirtless Shinra has a good fight scene.  There weren’t the telltale awkwardness in choreography that plagued the fist cour.  There was a simple burst in, beeline for the building, and some scuffles along the way.  Neat and tidy.

Third, Sho’s entrance was outstanding.  I was a little worried to see his white-on-white colour scheme, but Fire Force managed to make him look great.  His fighting and strength were perfect as well.  I even like how there was subtle nod to how Arthur is actually not completely useless – and managed to avoid getting himself killed.  Fourth, Lisa.  The fire octopus thing looked amazing.  Plus her rejection of the final offer to help – also very well done.

Finally, Giovanni’s character design is just so inventive, fascinating…and fits like his rocket glove.  Absolute top marks.  If nothing else, Fire Force continues to be a very visually enticing show.  Nice!

Now what I didn’t like.  I hate, hate, hate, HATE when a villain discloses an important piece of information during a fight for no reason.  There was no point for Lisa to explain how her pyrokinesis works.  None whatsoever.  Ridiculous.  Second, I don’t like that the big reveal of the key being in the projector was spread across episodes – that did nothing.  Finally, Vulcan as a character falls flat to me.  He seems really naive…but also very intelligent and mechanical?  I guess it could happen, but he definitely would have been more shell-shocked if his surrogate little brother just got shot and his waifu/sister/I don’t really know? just betrayed him.  I feel like his introduction has been rushed, but not fatally – I still think he’ll turn into a nice addition to the team.


Now, a confession.  It took me until Hibana questioned Victor to realize that Victor and the Joker were in the previous episode discussing Infernals.  They also look very similar.  Just realized that.  Oops.  While I don’t think they’re the same person, this is the season of family relations, so I’m pretty sure they’re twins or something.  Also pretty interesting to see Joker/Victor by extension aren’t on a particular side – surprising, since they had the artificial infernal making bug, I had thought.  I’ll have to rewatch that to make sure.

To wrap it up, this was a good episode from Fire Force, but little things continually hold it back from being great.  It frustrates me, because this show looks amazing – and falls just short of being a classic.  Regardless, Fire Force has continued to be a quite a fun ride so I guess I can’t complain TOO much.

Sister is pretty great too.  Latom!


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