Fire at Bangladesh food factory, at least 52 people died on the spot Photo 1

Fire at Bangladesh food factory, at least 52 people died on the spot

At least 52 bodies have been found at the scene of a fire at a food and beverage factory near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

According to the RTThe fire broke out on the evening of July 8 on the ground floor of a building in an industrial park located 20km from the capital Dhaka.

The site of the fire was a noodle and beverage production facility owned by Hashem Food and Beverage.

By Friday morning, the fire was still raging. 52 bodies were removed from the scene. Rescuers are continuing to search because of fears of many people trapped inside the building.

The victim’s body was removed from the scene. Photo: Reuters

Earlier, many people were injured when jumping from high floors. About 20 people were brought down from the roof by firefighters.

Local officials said they were still gathering information because “it is not clear how many workers are trapped”. Cause of the fire is being clarified.

Such fatal accidents are quite common in Bangladesh.

In 2013, the Rana Plaza building, where a garment factory was located, collapsed, killing more than 1,100 people.

The deadliest factory fire in Bangladesh to date was in 2012, which killed at least 117 people.

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