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Find My new iPhone Apple has made phone stealing 'starving'?

During WWDC 2019 event, Apple Find My village, search features Iphone, iPad, MacBook when lost. This Find My iPhone feature similar before but still the whole audience cheered by its operability.

Specifically, Find My can locate iPhone, iPad, MacBook even when GPS and Internet are disconnected.

According to Apple, Find My will operate without Internet connection by continuously sending Bluetooth signals to other devices in the nearby Apple ecosystem, temporarily taking Internet connection of other devices to send location back to the server. Thus, after 9 years of Find My iPhone launch, Apple has solved the problem of devices without Internet when stolen.

Find My can work without Internet.

"This feature can make the phone stealing objects no longer see iPhone as a priority target because it is difficult to consume, easily detected", Le Khanh, the owner of an old phone shop on Thanh Thai street , District 11, HCMC said.

However, according to Mr. Khanh, this solution is still not very thorough. "In case" accidentally "snatched the iPhone with Find My, the bandits still have a solution," Khanh said.

Specifically, crooks can use some software to break iCloud. Besides, changing the CPU and memory from other devices to make My My inoperable.

Find My iPhone every Apple has the 'chet doi' phone number? picture 2
The wave-blocking bag makes the iPhone unable to receive any connections.

"The key point is that iPhone on the way to the processing site can send location information to the owner of the device. Just disable this, the crook can still consume the trot machine." added.

There are several types of bags on the market that can block all kinds of connection waves, including magnetic waves. With this bag, crooks can erase the location of Apple products to bring to consumers.

Thus, Apple's Find My solution only partially restricts the "mistaking" the phone, not really causing the crook to falter.


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