Professor Nigel McMillan, leader of the research group on therapy to kill nCoV in the lungs.  Photo: Griffith University.

Find a therapy that kills 99.9% of nCoV in the lungs

A team of Australian and American experts has developed an antiviral therapy that kills 99.9% of the nCoV in infected mice, paving the way for an effective Covid-19 treatment.

Scientists from the Menzies Health Institute in Queensland, Australia, and the City of Hope research institute in the US began collaborating on this therapy in April 2020.

Nigel McMillan, a professor at Australia’s Griffith University and leader of the research team, called the therapy they were aiming for a “find and kill mission”, meaning a direct attack on nCoV, Australian media reported yesterday. .

Scientists use a “next-generation” viral approach, with RNA gene inactivation, to directly attack the genome of viruses, thereby preventing them from spreading. “It destroys the genome and makes it impossible for the virus to grow anymore,” said McMillan, adding that this is the first time they have successfully grown nanoparticles and passed them into the body through the bloodstream, allowing them to attack. virus.

“They find and kill viruses like heat-seeking missiles,” McMillan said.

Professor Nigel McMillan, leader of the research group on therapy to kill nCoV in the lungs. Image: Griffith University.

“The nanoparticles travel to the lungs and will actually penetrate the entire lung cells, but only destroy the virus inside the cells. Normal cells are completely unharmed with this therapy,” he said. teacher explained.

“Although not a cure, this therapy can help reduce the amount of virus in the lungs by up to 99.9%. So it is almost as effective as a treatment and is really for people who are suffering in the intensive care unit (ICU), when the vaccine is too late,” McMillan said.

The professor also quoted White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci as saying that even with a Covid-19 vaccine, there is still a lack of direct treatments to help fight the virus. “This is really one of the first therapies that involves direct treatment, so we’re extremely excited,” he said.

According to this therapy, Covid-19 patients in the ICU will receive one injection per day, for 4 or 5 days, or a single injection for people newly infected with nCoV. McMillan said the therapy could be launched as early as 2023, depending on the results of the clinical trial phase.

“Remember that this virus will not go away. We will have to live with it forever,” the professor added.

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