Finally waiting for you! Xiao Zhan's "Douluo Dalu" Spring Festival file preparation, the broadcast mode follows the standard of popular drama

Finally waiting for you! Xiao Zhan’s “Douluo Dalu” Spring Festival file preparation, the broadcast mode follows the standard of popular drama

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In the past year, what Xiao Zhan’s fans did the most was to wait, wait for his idols to come out to film and attend the event, wait for the backlog of several TV series to be broadcast, and wait for the newly filmed TV series to be a little bit more. Of materials. However, I finally hoped that “His Royal Highness Wolf” was broadcast, but it ended soon. The hope afterwards can only be placed on the two TV series “Douro Continent” and “Remaining Life”.

Unexpectedly, the two TV series were more stable than the other, as if whoever appeared first would lose. Recently, it’s also rare to see the news of “Douluo Dalu”. Some bloggers in the industry said that this TV series is preparing for broadcast around the beginning of February, which means to be broadcast. Compared with the fixed file , This kind of news is obviously more reliable, and the broadcast mode is also very good.

Earlier there have been rumors that “Douluo Dalu” will be broadcast on CCTV. It sounds good, but if you want to harvest actual results, it is not a good thing. First of all, “Douluo Continent” is a TV series with the theme of ancient costumes. It is a bit more fantasy and does not meet the audience of CCTV. The ratings will not be particularly good. Secondly, this is a work written by teacher Wang Juan, which needs a certain time of reputation. Fermentation, and this will also affect the ratings to some extent.

If you have to compare, then you can compare this TV series with the hit TV series “Celebrating More Than Years” in the previous two years. It is also the work written by Mr. Wang Juan, and it is also produced by the same company, and both are big men. The theme material, even the broadcast mode is the same nowadays, the webcast mode is used to ferment word-of-mouth, and finally switched to paid viewing, which is a good thing for accumulating the reputation of the leading actors.

Of course, although the news that the TV series is being broadcast is very credible, people who follow the recent TV series market should also know that many works are airborne and scheduled only the day before the broadcast, so they will not be broadcast at the end. On that day, no news is 100% certain. As a fan, you can look forward to it with peace of mind.

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