Final Fantasy XVI will not be shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 …

Are you a fervent admirer of FF and can’t wait to find out more about its next installment? Did you disappoint the Square Enix E3 presentation and do you expect the publisher to “catch up” during the Tokyo Game Show (an online event that will take place from September 30 to October 3 this year)? Bad news, Square Enix is ​​wrecking the hype before it gets too big: do not wait until the TGS does not reveal more about Final Fantasy XVI.

It was during a live dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV that the news broke, more precisely during a conversation between Yoko Taro and Naoki Yoshida, the producers behind the NieR series and Final Fantasy XVI. If they have widely commented (not without humor) the absence of the 16th part at E3, Yoshida-san still took the time to justify his decision not to present more on the title at the TGS.

Apparently, the game director is not really fond of teasing… So, rather than “feeding” the fans with little gameplay clips or illustrations month after month, he would rather take the time to present the game at greater length just before releasing it.. A choice that could not be more logical to prevent fans from making a mountain of classified ads and starting to hope too much, a little too quickly and at the risk of being disappointed (there is no shortage of news examples to illustrate this state of affairs in recent years)…

So now we’re set, next time we see Final Fantasy XVI, there is a chance that its release will be near. That said, by then, PC and PlayStation 5 players will need (the Sony console inherited the console exclusivity as a reminder) have patience. Mind you, he said we won’t see him at TGS but there is still one big event this year.


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