Final Fantasy XIV unveils shiny PS5 version

The night was loaded with information and emotions, and one of the things that we expected a lot during the special event that just ended was the presentation of a version PS5 specific for Final Fantasy XIV. The latter was finally announced in the very last moments of the presentation, but here we are.

Until now the owners of PS5 had the possibility of playing the game by running it by backward compatibility on their console, and to play it regularly, one could already be very satisfied with the experience offered by the game under these conditions. Indeed, currently, even if it is not optimized for the PS5, Final Fantasy XIV still benefits from 4K resolution and 60fps in most cases, which is already well above what we could have on PS4, even on Pro, where it was difficult to have an acceptable framerate.

More the specific PS5 version will go even further with finer graphics, more details in the environments, and almost non-existent aliasing if we are to believe the video which you will have the leisure to discover below. In addition to an undeniable visual improvement, you will also have the possibility to choose between two modes: resolution or fluidity. We do not yet have all the details on this, especially if the game will be able to benefit from 120fps under certain conditions or not, but anyway, to put it simply, the game will be more beautiful, more fluid, while benefiting from better resolution.

Also, and this is an element that we could not do without once we have tasted it, Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 will simply say goodbye to load times thanks to the famous machine SSD from Sony. As you will be able to see in the video, during the teleportation, we barely have time to see the name of the place of arrival written down that we find ourselves in command of the character.

Finally, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV will be free for all owners of the PS4 version, and it will no longer be mandatory to keep the game’s blu-ray in the console to play. To take advantage of it, you will not have to wait very long since the appointment is already made for April 13, date on which all players will be able to participate in the open beta of this PS5 version.


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