Final Creative Hunter 2020: Sublimation with the art space of "Vi Viet"

Final Creative Hunter 2020: Sublimation with the art space of “Vi Viet”

The emotional finale of Creative Hunter 2020 took place successfully on January 5. With the theme “Vietnamese taste”, the Top 10 best contestants had a unique color presentation that made a strong impression on the audience’s hearts.

Creative Hunter is a contest to find creative design talent for students organized by CSC- Communication Skills Club of the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda. This year the title of champion officially named contestant Dinh To Phuong, a first-year student majoring in Advertising – Institute of Journalism and Propaganda, with the work “Taste of Tet”.

Her friend To Phuong blew the soul of the work with inspiration taken from the family’s rice tray: “Tet will still be Tet. Tet is the time to go home. “

In order to have impressive performances in a majestic and professional space, both the organizers and the Creative Hunter contestants have had to go through a meticulous and enthusiastic journey.

In the final night, Top 10 of Creative Hunter underwent a presentation on design products with the key visual of “Circle”. Along with the professional spirit, the 10 contestants in turn made the audience admire the works and stories behind.

With the desire to thank those who create Vietnamese flavors, Nguyen Huy Hoang had an impressive start with the work “Journey of fish sauce”.

Candidate Tran Thi Minh Ngoc with a confident presentation about the product was inspired by the sales pitch.

Le Thu Phuong, a friend from Foreign Trade University, captured the hearts of the audience and became “The most popular contestant” with her work “Braised Meat”.

Among the contestants’ competition are the “eye-catching” performances from the guest singers and the performance team.

The dance performance burned the whole Hall with cheers from the audience.

Deeply with “Going through the summer” and “Street without you” by Prince Ballad Thai Dinh.

Besides the participation of the Top 10 with dramatic competitions to find the owner of the Champion is also a team of judges: Mr. Tran Hong Ngoc (Creative Director of LeBros), teacher Vu Thanh Van (International Program Director of Advertising, PR and Branding), Mr. Vu Hoang Phong (Co-founder of Kiwwi Creative), Ms. Hang Nguyen (Co-Founder & Art Director of S-River), Mr. Vu Anh Duc ( Creative Director of Arena Multimedia). Finally, indispensable in the main event is Gold sponsors Doctor Anywhere and ViewSonic have been with the show since the very beginning.

Commenting on this year’s competition, Mr. Vu Anh Duc, Creative Director of Arena Multimedia School of Fine Arts, shared: “I see the beauty here that all contestants have very good spirit. , the stage atmosphere was vibrant and the audience interested in participating in large numbers. Personally, I judge that this year’s Creative Hunter competition has been successful. “

After 3 months of enthusiastic activity, Creative Hunter 2020 has officially ended. Do not forget to continue supporting the Creative Hunter 2020 contestants on the upcoming journeys and hope that the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda has more interesting events in the future.

Nguyen Duy Uyen




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