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Final Audio B-Series: 3 sisters per person, priced from $ 299

Following the success of the E-Series headphones, Final Audio is preparing to launch the new B-Series mid-range headphones with 3 completely new models including B1, B2 and B3. The new Audio Audio models all use Balanced Armature drivers, but there are interesting changes to each headset model. Prices for models B1, B2 and B3 are USD 699, USD 299 and USD 499 respectively, which will be officially delivered to consumers by mid-June.

The first and most advanced model in the B-series is the Final B1, which uses a Hybrid design with a dynamic driver and a Balanced Armature driver. In addition, the other two models only use the Balanced Armature driver with the Final B2 using a BA driver for the entire range and the Final B3 model uses two BA drivers.

The design of the Final B-Series, similar to the previous Final MAKE series, makes the wearer feel more comfortable and fit when worn for a long time, and the headset only touches the ear at 4 external points to keep the sensor from being felt. Feelings like other housing designs. Final B1 model uses housing with Dong Chrome material with two samples B2 and B3 using aluminum material.
The Final B-Series headphones will use disassembled wires with the MMCX connector so users can freely replace or upgrade the wires.

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In terms of sound quality, each of these B-Series models will handle a completely different sound quality that is suitable for each individual music genre.

For example, the B1 model has the largest soundstage but has a narrower dynamic range than the other two models, accompanied by a very smooth, mid range, B1 will give users the best experience with music genres such as Pop, gentle Vocal.

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Unlike B1, the B2 model has a wide soundstage with high dynamic range, but does not have a smooth sweet mid range, which enables listeners to be comfortable with symphonic or instrumental songs.

With B3, although the dynamic level is lower and the soundstage is quite narrow compared to B1, however, it has the most balanced sound quality with a good performance rate, so that listeners can feel Rock, R&B and other types of music. Electronic music songs.



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