FIM EWC/Review of the hard-won victory of National Motos

National Motos, ranked 4th in the overall ranking of Leman 24-resistant and champion in the Superstock category, although the HONDA car did not have any major mechanical problems, the 24-hour race allowed all the team members including the drivers to exhausted. Team manager Stéphane Haddadj reviewed the 24-hour race.

The team manager Stéphane Haddadj mentioned that “Although we were lucky that we did not encounter any technical problems, the part of dispatching the drivers was very difficult because we almost relied on Stéphane Egéa and Guillaume Antiga to finish the entire race.

Due to the recurrence of Kevin Trueb’s old right hand injury, we cannot afford too much time. We must find a way to make Stéphane and Guillaume not only digest the game time, but also take into account their rest time, etc., although they succumbed to Fatigue attacks and self-doubt, but all I can do is stand on the same line with them and improve their morale.

Although the drivers are very hard, it is also an exhausting race for me, because I have to constantly monitor their preparations and make sure that they stay within the conditions, keep pace and rhythm in the lead. “

Although National Motos are new faces at the Superstock level, they have successfully written their names in the history of 24 Heures Motos. This private team, backed by a HONDA dealer in Paris, France, won the EWC class as early as 2006. After this time, they are the first team to win both EWC and Superstock at Leman 24.

“If I were to evaluate these two victories, I would say that this one was really earned. Various accidents in 2006 put us in a leading position, and this year almost only rely on the duo of Stéphane and Guillaume to participate most of the time. , And fortunately they struggled hard on the track without crashing.

I dedicate this victory to all members of the team, our partners, customers and fans, and my father Pipo. This is the fruitful result of our concerted efforts over the past few years. “

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