FIM EWC/FCC TSR HONDA FRANCE returns to the top of the game

The pace of the Bugatti circuit has accelerated. In the 24 Heures Motos free practice session this morning, Mike di Meglio represented the FCC TSR Honda France team with the fastest lap time-1:36.801, ahead of the YART Yamaha team that had the advantage in the qualifying yesterday.

The performance of another free practice racing team in Liman this morning has improved. Despite the light rain, there are still two teams that scored below 1:37.

With Mike di Meglio’s outstanding performance, the FCC TSR Honda France team was among the best in this morning’s practice match, and Josh Hook had a small accident in the practice match.

YART Yamaha team became the second fastest lap this morning with 1:36.893, becoming the most popular team. This Austrian factory team dominated yesterday’s first quarter qualifying and is expected to consolidate this result in the second quarter qualifying starting at 1:00 this afternoon.

The other factory teams rushed into the top six this morning in the following order. BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team, Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, Webike SRC Kawasaki France Trickstar and Ducati team ERC Endurance.

VRD Igol Pierret Experiences Team, National Motos Team, Tati Team Beaujolais Team and 33 Coyote Louit Moto Team also successfully entered the top ten this morning.

Team 33 Coyote Louit Moto (Kawasaki) is also one of the fastest Superstock teams on the circuit this morning, temporarily ahead of Moto Ain and BMRT 3D Maxxess Nevers.

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Data source “EWC World Endurance Championship Official Website”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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