ERC ENDURANCE-DUCATI once again strengthened their driver lineup. This time they recruited Etienne Masson, who won the FIM EWC championship for SERT, to help them, and played for them with Mathieu Gines, Louis Rossi and Sylvain Barrier.

This ERC ENDURANCE-DUCATI team from Germany, supported by Ducati Corse, is committed to returning to the leading position of the FIM EWC World Endurance Championship. The team, led by Uwe Reinhardt, is working hard to adapt the Panigale V4R to the needs of endurance events, and they are now entrusting motorcycles to experts in the sport.

Like the 2014 endurance world champions Mathieu Gines, Louis Rossi and Sylvain Barrier, ERC Endurance-Ducati has just recruited Etienne Masson, who is the three-time champion of the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT).

Etienne Masson took part in a two-day test at Le Mans at the end of March. He said he was very satisfied with the performance of ERC Endurance-Ducati’s participating car-Panigale V4R.

“The ease of maneuverability of this machine surprised me. Because of its extremely high maneuverability, people can immediately realize that this is a motorcycle designed for racing. Riders don’t need bold extreme rides. It can turn smoothly while maintaining speed, allowing the rider to ride quickly without spending too much effort, which is very suitable for our endurance events.

However, we still lack some performance at the moment. Fortunately, this motorcycle is the latest and designed to increase speed, so we are working hard to adjust the settings to make it more adaptable to endurance events. “

Interview with Uwe Reinhardt, Director of ERC Endurance Ducati

We are very happy to be able to recruit Etienne Masson, the world champion of the 2021 season, to our team. I look forward to his long-term expertise and high-level performance in the World Endurance Championship to strengthen our strength.

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Source “EWC World Endurance Championship Official Website”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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