FIM EWC/Broc Parkes announces the retirement of high-hanging leather jackets

He is 39 years old and has more than 20 years of professional career in various international motorcycle championships, including Australian driver Broc Parkes, who has played for YAMAHA for 8 seasons in FIM EWC, and announced that he will retire high-hanging leather jackets.

The last time Broc Parkes stood on the FIM EWC podium was at 12 Hours of Estoril in Portugal in September 2020. At that time, he teamed up with Wójcik Racing Team and won the third place; before that, it has been YART Yamaha since 2013. Mainstay.

He is a fast, solid and reliable driver, often on the podium with the Austrian YAMAHA team, and also won the second place in the 2019 Asian Motorcycle Championship (ARRC).

Broc Parkes started his career in his home country in the late 1990s, but soon became an international driver. In 1999, he won the Australian Championship in the 125 and 250 classes and finished third in the All Japan Formula X Championship. And continue to participate in the Superbike World Championship. He was runner-up twice in 2004 and 2007, attracting the attention of the World Superbike Championship. BrocParkes also wrote his name in MotoGP and British Superbike Championship.

Broc Parkes, 39, announced after an exciting international career that he wanted to focus on his family. “I decided to return to Australia to start a’normal’ life for the children. They have followed or waited for me all their lives, so I think it is time to put my family first and become a part of their daily lives. Putting wants and needs first, and fulfilling my promise as a father.

Although I am sure to retire from motorsports, I am not giving up the sport that I love and gave me a lot of things. Throughout the 2021 season, I will continue to test and coach with YAMAHA. “

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Data source “EWC World Endurance Championship Official Website”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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