Filco Majestouch Stingray on hand: "office" mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Low-Profile switch, 3.85tr

Filco Majestouch Stingray on hand: "office" mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Low-Profile switch, 3.85tr

Filco Majestouch Stingray is a true "office" mechanical keyboard. It reminded me of Mitsumi's keyboards that had been raining for a while at net shops or informatics classes nearly 20 years ago. But the keystroke experience that Majestouch Stingray is clearly different is due to the mechanical switch system of Cherry MX, moderate feeling, and fine tuning.

Speaking of Filco, I can only think of durability and typing experience. I use mechanical keys for many years but most of them are gaming keys because I like the lights and features, easy to change. But for Filco it is a completely different story, it is a mechanical key to the typing experience, the more you want to type, play keycap comfortably with the standard layout and neutral design easy to harmonize as you wish. prefer.


The Majestouch Stingray, too, is a slim design mechanical key using the Cherry MX Low Profile Red switch. The design of the Majestouch Stingray is very classic but certainly with plastic cover, the lumpy surface creates a solid feel and good contact. It has 2 versions: Full-Size 104 keys and TKL 87 keys, My version is Full-Size, I personally prefer TKL version because there is no need to use numeric numeric key system, need to be neat because Small table space.


The keyboard is 31.7 mm thin, it is not yet as thin as many other Low-Profile mechanical keyboards, but for Filco it is the thinnest. The keyboard is also not designed to be optimal for carrying away, it is still wired and quite heavy because the PCB Filco part is always thickened, not to mention there is another layer of reinforcement, key cover, dust protection. weight of Majestouch Stingray to 1.1 kg. TKL version is slightly lighter, can be carried if you like.


The underside of the keyboard is the thick, striated rubber feet on the surface that help to prevent slipping and 2 anti-rising feet.


What I like on Majestouch Stingray is that it has a wire slot, previously Filco's keyboard wasn't previously designed to be a wired slot, all the wires are behind and it occupies quite a bit of space on the table. Majestouch Stingray has slots that go through the sides of the castle so you can conveniently walk in the direction of the USB port, shorten the wires.


The cable of Majestouch Stingray is made of soft rubber, this design is also optimized for the flow of wires, the rope is more durable but it is difficult to go to the wire. Being a keyboard on the spot, I don't care if rubber bands are very braid, just long enough and good enough to connect.


Saying a little about the layout of Majestouch Stingray, it still follows the familiar style of Majestouch line, supporting some multimedia adjustment buttons on the row of Function keys, two separate Windows left and Context Menu keys are slightly different, brothers The function can be switched by pressing Fn + F9 to turn the Fn button into Context Menu. Filco also provides keycap for Context Menu to be replaced, very thoughtful.


I still like Filco in the open layout, do not follow the current miniaturization trend, so just put your hand on the key and type and type quickly. Last time with the Keychron K1, I had problems sliding keys and it was difficult to type quickly because the look at the cross-section, the keys were the same, this is a layout I hate and recommend you not to use if typing a lot. . With Majestouch Stingray, the keys are ladder-shaped (gradually higher), designed with Cherry doubleshot style keycap even though the keycap is lower than the standard keycap. This is an ergonomically designed element, I think many brothers will not notice but for me it will determine the typing experience a lot. From here, Filco's design experience can be seen, optimized for typing experience rather than looks.


For the keycap, Filco Majestouch Stingray has 2 keycap options, the material is still single-shot ABS, the characters are printed on the surface (top key). Filco offers another option, which is the character printed at the bottom edge of the keycap (ninja). Feeling tactile on keycap is quite good, smooth surface processing is quite similar to PBT keycap. Of course you can play keycap on Majestouch Stingray because the switch below is Cherry MX but it should be noted that keycap for low-profile switch.


The Cherry MX Low-Profile Red is the switch that creates the soul of Majestouch Stingray. Although many of Cherry MX's switch makers have now launched the Low-Profile line like Kailh or Gateron, but in general I still believe in Cherry's quality. The characteristics of the Low-Profile Red line are that it has a 45 g press force similar to the original Cherry MX Red, but the short switch is only half the size, from which the Cherry MX Low-Profile Red's (bottom out) total is 3, 2 mm above the standard 4 mm and the trigger point is earlier at 1.2 mm instead of 2 mm. So if you talk about the activation speed, the response speed is still the fastest line of switches. The switch's durability according to Cherry's announcement is 50 million clicks.


As a Red (linear) switch, the feeling of smooth, soft typing and good typing does not need to press all the keys but there is not much tactile feeling as well as Blue or Brown because there is no reaction. tactile or chicken tongue to make clicky sounds. Even so, Majestouch Stingray is not a silent keyboard, every time you press down on the keycap, it makes enough sound to excite and be enough to know that this is a mechanical keyboard. In addition, it is also an ideal switch for gaming, although the appearance of Majestouch Stingray is obviously not a game. If you play titles that require a lot of spam keys or need quick manipulation, Cherry MX Low-Profile Red will outperform Cherry MX Red or even Speed.


So I quickly introduced you to Filco's Majestouch Stingray. This is the rare time I have returned to using Filco after years of using gaming mechanical keys with RGB lights. A keyboard is not picky but quality, great experience, suitable for most users. But as always, Filco never sells cheap keyboards, the Majestouch Stingray costs up to 3 million 850 thousand for Full-Size, 200 million TKL versions (5-year warranty). So not everyone can access this keyboard, especially users who just play mechanical keys.







Thank for the keyboard on hand


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