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Fiio M11 – Music player with good sound quality, still sound, good dynamic, good hardware, lots of connections.

aFiio M11 is a mid-high segment player in the Fiio product line-up, with 18: 9 full-view screen with a resolution of 1440×720 312 PPI for good display quality, very hands-on, beautiful. In addition, optimizing a solid hardware platform and stable software: Exynos 7872 CPU (with Mali-G71 GPU good news for those who like to play games), 3Gb Ram and 32GB internal memory, runs Android 7.0, has brought a very fast touch feeling and stable operation. The FiiO M11 uses 2 AK4493 DAC chips and the opamp OPA926, which runs true-balance circuits, has 3 jacks that are 3.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.4mm. Retail price is 11m.


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FiiO M11 to X5III, a sturdy aluminum case with yellow volume dial on the left. It has a big, thick screen, strong hand, weight is not too heavy and the grip is quite comfortable. On the top of the device is the power key and blue LED ring. The M11 has a fast QC2.0 + MTK-PE charger, and supports the Bluetooth LDAC / aptX-HD codec. M11 also supports AirPlay for use with AppleTV or models that support this connection.

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The volume wheel is divided into several steps and responds when rotated.

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Memory card slot supports card capacity up to 4TB.

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On the camera body are output jacks with meticulous notes and 2 memory card slots. Jack 4.4 and 3.5 are decorated with gold anklets. D * s m *, accidentally brushing the edge of the table 1, losing an array of scratches :(

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The first time you open the phone, M11 will ask you to control gestures or control with the keys on the camera body (this operation can be adjusted in the settings menu later). The software runs very fast and smooth and very few apps are pre-installed. Google Play Store is not preinstalled, but since M11 is not limited to white-list like on X5III, you can be more comfortable installing the APK file or app you like. FiiO M11 will automatically update the firmware when first connected to WiFi. The update process takes place within a few minutes, then the machine will restart.

Upsampling DSD

This is a feature that allows upsample sound to DSD64 quality on any app. This feature will convert PCM signals into DSD in real time. creating a noticeable difference: good sounding, static, increasing dynamics. However, the CPU loads more, and the device is also hotter, the battery drains faster than is clearly visible : D.

Battery and charger

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FiiO M11 has a 3800mAh battery, supporting fast QuickCharge 2.0 and MediaTek-PE (Pump Express). The charger from 20% to full takes about 2 hours with the 5V / 2A charger, the usage time is 12 ~ 13 hours. This battery life will generally be enough for a day with the mix needs of listening to music, watching movies and playing games. FiiO also identifies own time for 3D game play for M11 is about 4 hours (1/3 of total usage time), I don't play games, just bring you guys to play PUBG a few games, so don't test this case .

Wireless connection quality (WiFi, Bluetooth)

FiiO M11 catches WiFi waves a bit weak, but it is quite a good connection. Bluetooth connectivity is very smooth, perfect, with no lag or interruption. As an unwritten rule, using high quality codecs, the connection distance will be reduced to keep the signal stable.

In addition, the M11 can work as a Bluetooth receiver and allows connection to smartphones or computers to play music wirelessly. The software version currently has no connection errors and supports the ALL-to-DSD feature well, which means you can upsampling your music library from another host device in Bluetooth mode.


FiiO M11, there are 2 main highlights: sound, space, internal force. If any of you have ever followed your post, I have recently liked Sennheiser IE 40 Pro (see the review here), the way I was so crushed this one was because his voice was so direct and so Playing with any source is easy to show the quality of the music. Plugging IE 40 Pro into M11 is an excellent experience.

What to hear? Listen to Absinthe by Dominic Miller : D This version and Etude are a bit muddy for the first few minutes, but the bandages are very good instruments, one of the things I like when writing a review is to recommend music to you. These 2 versions collect live, very lively space, contrast all the instruments must be clear, it will be happy to be out. M11 gives good depth of space at high, wide and deep, negative background, negative color is not bright, not dark, it is moderate in both extremes.

Then, now I hear faster and healthier music, The Killers' Read My Mind. This song is a long time ago but I don't understand why I heard it all over the past few months, almost every day I listen. The Killers' music created, orchestrated many instruments, invested carefully in recording, and most of which version of this Direct Hits album was good. : D Well, let's talk about you Fiio M11. The combo that I said, it …….. I heard the details of the guitar, pedal, and keyboard all up and none of the trees kicked the trees, hi-hat was radiant, melted fast and brittle without being harsh, not dazzling, it is only sacred towards "slightly thorny" a little to create a very good feeling of stimulation. The speed of the bass guitar and the pedal is very good, meaning that it expresses the "uuy uuy" and "bum bum" sounds full, not immature, firm, compact, deep down, not muddy.

I rate the sound through the Rider Of The Storm version, but it is covered by Lisa Bassenge. The female vocal is slightly sweet, soft, medium thick. Listen to male vocals like Ingram Washington sing What A Difference a Makes Day also finds it sweet. It is not sweet to hear but tired, bored and sleepy, guys, it is just right. The sound is like this, what do you hear when I hear it, I think it is good and easy to mix the headphones. Unless listening to music, the recording is too bad, like Le Quyen will be able to do it all the way to make it better.


FiiO M11 smashes into users' eyes with big screen, good quality display, sharp review, good music review, good movie watching, soothing game is also ok. If X5III was the bright spot in 2017, M11 is Fiio's most successful hit point in 2019, I think. Good sound quality, good hardware, diverse connections, M11 can be the product that you will like in this dynamic year.


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