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FiiO BTR3 changes the way to upgrade new Firmware to make it easier for users to install

After the release of the new Firmware version of the FiiO BTR3 Bluetooth Receiver model at the end of last May, some users had trouble upgrading BTR3 Firmware because they did not follow the correct details as instructed. So FiiO has just introduced a new upgrade toolkit for BTR3 Firmware to help users more easily upgrade without too many problems.

Before upgrading the Firmware:

  1. Download the Firmware Upgrade Package package (including Bluetooth driver, Firmware upgrade tool and Firmware File: click here
  2. If you have previously installed Bluetooth driver "CSR BlueSuite 2.6.4", before installing, you can uninstall this software via Control Panel -> Program-> Uninstall. If you have not installed this software, you can skip this step.

Upgrade Firmware for BTR3 models

  1. Unzip the "Firmware upgrade package" package, and access the decompressed folder as shown below and click the "Install driver.bat" file.

After waiting for a minute and if the screen below shows up with no error messages, this confirms the driver has been successfully installed and you can press any button to exit or turn off the window directly. This is fine

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* Note: On some computers, it is possible that a windows will appear after installation with the message "This program might not have correctly installed". In this case, you just need to click "This program installed correctly" to continue the installation.

2. Turn on DFU mode on BTR3 and connect to computer via USB Type-C cord attached to the device.

How to turn on DFU mode on BTR3: Open BTR3 sample source; then hold down the Multifunctional multitask button (the button between the power and volume buttons) for about 5 seconds, then the green and red lights will light up continuously. Keep pressing the multifunction planner button and Volume + button for about 5 seconds, now when you see the LED is off with no signal light, the BTR3 product has entered DFU mode.

3. Run the DfuWizard.exe file and upgrade BTR3 according to the steps in the following figure:

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  • Select the leftmost button with Next or Chinese text with letter (N)
  • Select Universal Serial Bus (USB) and then select the Next or Middle button with the letter (N)
  • Select the second item "Download a new version of the firmware, without first saving a copy of the current version" then click Next or Chinese with the word (N)
  • Browse to select the firmware file with the .dfu extension available in the extracted folder BTR3 Firmware Upgrade Package and then select Next or the Chinese text with the letter (N)
  • Next select the Next button or the Chinese word with the letter (N).
  • After the update screen runs two bars completed, the Sucessful Upgrade screen displays that you have successfully updated the Firmware for the BTR3 FiiO now you only need the Finish button or the second button from the left if the language is Central
  • The last step is to remove the BTR3 from your computer and restart the BTR3 FiiO to use the new Firmware.


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