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“Fight” with you to the heaviest games!

Galaxy Note9 owns inside the most powerful hardware of Samsung at the moment, with the “heart” of Exynos 9810 8 core clocked at 2.7GHz, 6GB RAM, 128GB of internal memory. Not only does Note9 not only deliver the perfect experience in heavy-duty tasks, Samsung’s flagship model is also capable of weighing most of the heavy games on the Google Play app store.

More specifically about the chip inside Note9, this is the type of processor used on the Galaxy S9 / S9 +, it consists of 4 Samsung Exynos M3 chips and 4 ARM Cortex-A55 chips, developed based on 10nm process. This processor has 33% more performance and up to 30% more GPU power. In real experience, Note9 makes us more surprised than that!

Frujt Ninja

Fruit Ninja is really a simple math problem, Note9 scores a “perfect” score at 60 FPS (frames per second) with the application measuring performance Gamebench. With this game, the fingers on the screen require constant movement and be absolutely careful with the bombs that appear suddenly.

By simply swiping up or down your finger, you will get instant “game over” results. And Note9 is more than enough to help you record every single slash of the knife on the screen to every detail, quick enough to know that you won’t miss any fruit, even a few millimeters off, You will slash the right bomb, confused where in the fruit dish.

Temple Run 2

Temple legendary game indispensable on most mobile devices today is Temple Run 2. Do not despise games with this basic configuration, just jerky or lag a little frame only, quit will Must give up on the track!

With Note9, Temple Run 2 becomes more alive in every frame that the player moves. Brilliant screen Super AMOLED gives you the feeling of true, easy to roll into the character when having to go through many stages, many different obstacles at breakneck speed. What worries the “gamers” when playing Temple Run 2 on Note9 is just waiting for the moment when your fingers are tired and your ability to handle situations is no longer agile after a long time. experience.

Note9 achieved an absolute score with Temple Run 2 with 60FPS.

Arena of valor

Liên Liên Mobile was probably a harder problem for the Galaxy Note9. Because this is a fighting game 5 vs 5, requires very good network connection speed, smooth enough performance to participate in heated fights with teammates. And Note9 continues to successfully complete the task with a perfect score of 60FPS.

In this test, Lien Quan Mobile is enabled with the highest level of graphics with full effects. The combat phase (teamfight) does not occur the phenomenon of jerky or lag. Even in situations where the application is turned off and reopened while playing, the ability to reconnect to the game of Note9 is also very fast.

Playing for hours, Note9 showed even more intelligent “self-cooling” capabilities with a heat pipe three times larger than the older generation built into the device. The heat from the Note9 only gives off warmth so you can continue to confidently fight more battles.

Asphalt 9

Beautiful graphics effects but require very high performance to handle that is the difficult element of Asphalt 9 for mid- and low-end models. With Note9, everything is really easy and smooth. Frame motion is very smooth, latency is almost no, the effect of a collision, the “drift” the sorrowful expression is extremely clear and like you are living in the context of the good riders That’s it. Even playing for a long time, Note9 did not occur the phenomenon of overheating.

With Asphalt 9, Note9 achieved a stable score with 29FPS


If you’ve ever watched the Note9 launch night, Samsung has had the opportunity to show how smooth gameplay is with Fornite. Speaking of Fornite, this game is considered to be the most successful game in 2018 with millions of players, billions of dollars in revenue and become a cultural phenomenon in many countries. Currently this product is supporting quite a number of platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and coming soon to Android.

For someone who loves mobile gaming like me, finding a third-party app to experience Fornite on the Note9 at the earliest is always motivating me. Fornite game owns quite heavy graphics, not necessarily any device can operate smoothly this game. But on Note9, Fornite is not too difficult a problem.

The feeling of playing Fornite on Note9 is very realistic, the phenomenon of frame chopping or lag does not occur during gameplay. The frame rate / second that Fornite consumes on Note9 is stable at 30FPS. The effects, the detail in each frame go smoothly like you are experiencing on other platforms. Try the Fornite experience in the upcoming launch to experience the most powerful inside of the Note9 hardware.


The Galaxy Note9 was born not just for business people, it is also a perfect product for gamers. Combined with a large 6.4-inch screen, extremely good visibility with the best rated DisplayMate screen, up to 4,000mAh battery capacity, intelligent cooling system. All of them combine and create a machine with a great experience in terms of both performance and visibility – A gaming space that anyone who loves playing mobile games wants to own. .

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