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Fight across generations! HONDA “CBR250RR (MC22/MC51) “


Following the introduction of the previous article, this time we will further analyze the data of the 0-1000m accelerator acceleration test published in Vol.1.

Compared with the 1992 CBR250RR (MC22, parallel 4-cylinder engine) that purely pursues horsepower, the 2019 CBR250RR (MC51, parallel twin-cylinder engine) pursues fuel economy. The fuel consumption per liter can actually differ by more than 10km!

The new and old generations of CBR250RR/YZF-R3 super-high speed burst showdown! Vol.1000-14When the CBR250RR (MC22) of the parallel 4-cylinder engine collides with the CBR250RR (MC51) of the parallel two-cylinder engine, what spark will it collide… Continue reading

Obviously different horsepower & torque

The figure below shows the maximum horsepower and torque values ​​measured by a horsepower machine. Compared with the maximum horsepower of 45ps recorded in the MC22 catalog, the actual test is 41.6ps (the maximum output of the rear wheels). The difference between the two is very small, so it is likely to be able to show in a new car condition Better data than 45ps! But in terms of speed, it’s a bit swollen and fat?


▲MC22’s tachometer on the car can run to 20000rpm (speed limit), but the speed detected by the ignition coil is only about 17000rpm. Although the error will increase when the speed is such high, this value should be more or less exaggerated ? !

0-1000m accelerated test: the difference in horsepower is reflected in the lap results

As in the horsepower test mentioned above, the maximum horsepower difference between MC22 and MC51 is 8.7ps, which is actually quite large in the 250cc range; in other words, MC51 is easily crushed by MC22.

Although the MC51 is equipped with a parallel two-cylinder engine, from the point of view that it can efficiently generate horsepower and torque, it fully demonstrates the progress of modern manufacturing technology.

002-12▲Although MC51 did not perform well, in the previous acceleration test, it also set records of 0-1000m: 27.259 seconds, 0-100km/h: 5.688 seconds, 0-400m: 14.225 seconds, not only approaching the MC22’s results, The maximum horsepower at the time was a figure of 34.7ps in the test.

40-80km/h acceleration test: Although the data is a four-cylinder engine victory, but…

004-10▲The situation that the gap between MC22 and MC51 is significantly narrowed occurs when the speed increases from 40km/h to 80km/h. It is especially obvious when the gear is higher. MC51 effectively exerts a good throttle response, although MC22 only needs to increase the speed. Can win, but MC51 has the advantage in being strong and powerful.

Fuel consumption: 1 liter difference to more than 10km!


▲The fuel consumption of MC22 is completely inconsistent with modern requirements. Although the feeling before reaching high speed has an irreplaceable charm, it is also a shortcoming that can only be allowed in “that era”, because the difference in fuel consumption is very obvious by 10km/L.

As for the MC51, which meets exhaust emission and noise standards, it is very efficient and all meet modern standards, allowing people to enjoy riding with peace of mind.

How much full throttle makes people feel guilty

In the acceleration test of 0-1000m, MC22 opened the distance with MC51. Although the arrival time of each gear is different, how much horsepower difference is successfully reflected in the test time? The results are as listed above.

Frankly speaking, all the differences are caused by the difference in horsepower, because the MC22 measured a maximum horsepower of 41.6ps on the horsepower machine, which completely exceeded the MC51 by 8.7ps horsepower. If there is a difference between 100ps and 108.7ps, then when the horsepower falls at about 30ps, the gap of 8.7ps is naturally even greater.

Although the production time of the two models differs by 27 years, it is natural that the one with the larger horsepower will perform better in acceleration and can run faster, so from this point of view, there will be such a situation. The result is actually quite normal.

However, if you look at the MC51, there are also individual differences in this vehicle test. Because we have done the same test before, if we look at the data at that time, the score of MC51 when it passes 1000m is only less than 1 second away from MC22! I have also won the FZR250R, which will be introduced next time. In fact, although the measured maximum horsepower figures are different from those recorded in the catalog, the MC51’s rear wheel output can also be used when deducting the power output loss. Easily exceed 34ps.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of the relatively small number of cylinders, MC51 has performed quite well! Riding 1000 meters is only a difference of 1 to 2.5 seconds. For consumers who don’t care about the specifications, this is not a negative deduction factor.

It is interesting because of “waste”!

Maruyama Hiroshi said, “Instead of simply winning or fast, it is more cost-intensive to develop for specifications and equipment. To say whether this is necessary, in fact, the speed does not need to be 17000rpm. It is more than enough, and the cylinder If the number is relatively small, the number of parts will naturally decrease.

Despite knowing this, I still feel that a 250cc 4-cylinder engine is very refreshing to ride! Obviously, you will feel that the motorcycle generates horsepower by itself, which makes you tempted to keep the throttle on. Because the MC22 is more focused on the fun of riding, it does not pay attention to fuel efficiency or practicality, so it is much more fun to ride than the MC51. “

Takahiro Itami also agreed with Maruyama Hiroshi. He said, “That’s right! Although this project actually tested time and speed, the most important thing is whether it is fun to ride, and the MC22 fully demonstrated this.

Although the displacement of the MC22 is small, the pistons and valves can be moved very cleverly, successfully showing the characteristics of “perhaps the previous racing car felt like this”. This feeling should be its greatest charm. “

The piston of a 250cc 4-cylinder engine is super small!

007-6▲The diameter of the piston of MC22 is only 48.5mm. It is fun to think of such a small part moving up and down in the engine!

Comparison of new and old CBR250RR specifications

1992 style CBR250RR (MC22) 2019 style CBR250RR (MC51)
Full length × full width × full height (mm) 1975×675×1080mm 2065×725×1095mm
Wheelbase (mm) 1345mm 1390mm
Cushion height (mm) 735mm 790mm
Body weight (kg) 157kg 167kg
Engine type Water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel 4-cylinder Water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel twin cylinder
Total displacement (cc) 249cc
Maximum output horsepower (ps/rpm) 45ps/15000rpm 38ps/12500rpm
Maximum torque (kg-m/rpm) 2.5kg-m/12000rpm 2.3kg-m/11000rpm
Fuel tank capacity (L) 13L 14L
1st gear 2.732 3.272
2 gears 2.000 2.187
Gear ratio 3 gears 1.590 1.727
4 gears 1.333 1.421
5 gears 1.153 1.222
6 gears 1.035 1.068
Tire size before 110/70R17 110/70R17
Rear 140/60R17 140/70R17
Braking form before Dual floating discs with dual piston calipers Single floating disc with dual piston calipers
Rear Fixed disc with single piston calipers
Suspension form before Upright fork Inverted fork
Rear Central single gun rear shock

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