England vs Denmark, Euro 2021, FIFA

FIFA rules shed light on the case of 2 balls in the match between England and Denmark

England beat Denmark when they were awarded a controversial penalty in many respects, thereby gaining the right to play in the Euro 2021 final.

In the 102nd minute of the first extra time in the Euro 2021 semi-final between England and Denmark, Raheem Sterling sloped the ball on the right in the direction of attacking England. The Man City striker went straight into the Danish box then was cut down by Joakim Maehle.

Referee Danny Makkelie immediately pointed at the penalty spot. The Danish players thought it was not a foul situation. In addition, the visitors also think that the referee must stop the game when there are two balls on the field at the same time the England striker goes to the ball.

The second ball appeared on the field of England vs Denmark. Screenshots

Regarding situations like these, the FIFA rules for referees say: “Once an extra ball, object or other animal enters the field of play, the referee must:

  • Stopping play (and restarting with a drop) only if it interferes with the ball situation – unless the ball is entering goal and the presence of the object does not prevent a defensive player from playing the ball, the goal will be recognized if the ball enters the goal (even if the object collides with the ball) if the interference of this object was not caused by the attacking team.
  • Play is allowed to continue if the object does not affect the ball situation and remove the object as soon as possible.”

England vs Denmark, Euro 2021, FIFA

The section of FIFA rules on the situation of foreign objects on the field. Screenshots

Thus, the referee has a reason not to suspend the second semi-final of Euro 2021 because Mr. Makkelie thinks that the second ball does not interfere with Sterling’s dribbling situation. In other words, not every time there is a foreign object or an extra ball, the referee is required to stop the game.

However, coach Kasper Hjulmand of Denmark still criticized referee Makkelie: “The match should have been stopped, but the referee didn’t. I think the referee made the decision in favor of the home team.”.

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