FIFA 20's new game mode will not have the features that millions of gamers hate


FIFA Volta is one of the biggest additions to FIFA 20. And although it will come with a ton of frivolous items to customize the look of your athlete, there will be no microtransaction FIFA Volta deals. when it came out.

"We have no plans to debut with FIFA Volta any type of transaction similar to microtransaction"FIFA producer Jeff Antwi said, "right now, whatever you need is earned through challenges in the game." You can unlock special items by completing objectives or by using Volta Coins, the type of in-game money can be earned by completing the matches. The higher the difficulty of the challenge / match, the greater the reward you earn.

FIFA 20's new game mode will not have the features that millions of gamers hate - Photo 1.

Antwi said, "FIFA Volta will have seasonal content with challenges and items that change every month"However, there are currently no season passes designed. This means a lot when considering how often content will change.

The addition of FIFA Volta means providing what fans have asked for, while at the same time attracting new players. Therefore, the elimination of microtransaction transactions seems like a smart choice, especially in the context of both EA and their franchise franchise has received backlash in the past via MTX.

In general, micro transactions are considered negative and certainly can strain the relationship between publishers and their communities. According to Antwi, if the community considers FIFA Volta to be "fun" and "attractive", it will be considered a success in the eyes of the EA publisher, so the content is created for easy use. It seems to be an important component to turn FIFA Volta into a new trump card in this franchise series.


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