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FGO, azure fantasy, chain war story, how do these three games change the world

Players, you should know that there is a title of “game script”.

For many years, the scripts of mobile games have been rarely valued, so that it is often unclear who is the person who “writes scripts for mobile games.” But inIn recent years, more and more games have used scripts as selling points.

The popular “Princess Link RE: Dive” promotes the light novelist “Day by Day” as a signboard

What is the reason, so that the mobile game industry began to pay attention to the plot?

The Japanese light novelist and playwright “Shizuki Toru” recently published an article in the game media “Electric FAMI” to explain the history of mobile games for us.

According to him, the three major games that have driven changes in the industry over the years are “Chain of War”, “Blue Fantasy”, and “Fate / Grand Order”.

Writing scripts for games, once a secondary job of “who wants to do who does”

How did the game script come from?

From the 1980s to the present,Most of the scripts of Japanese games are in charge of the “wants” in the company. The role of script is either part-time by “game planning”. If no one is doing it, the project director will also go to write the script.

Let inexperienced people do it, the game scripts will inevitably become uneven. Although many masterpieces have been produced, there are also many strange works that make people laugh and cry.

Why do n’t game companies hire dedicated writers? For them, there are two main reasons.

First, there is the particularity of this work.

Imagine an RPG game. Even if there is a full year of development time, the game script must be completed in the first half of the year.

After all, the game script has not been written, and the next process cannot be carried out. In this case, if a person who writes a script is specifically invited, then he will face the problem of having no tasks to do in the second half of the year.

Shi Zuotuguer worked in Sega and wrote a script for “Dream Star: Zero”

The second reason is the particularity of game development.

After the appearance of a long RPG game, there have been many cases of outsourcing scripts in the game world. These projects often have various disputes.

In a certain game, an animation writer was invited to write a story. Although the script submitted by the other party is of high quality, it is not suitable for making games.

There are too many characters in the same scene. The fighting scene is too intense, using emotional expressions that are difficult to convey in the game. Although it can be made into animation, the hardware of the game console at that time was unable to express those scenes.

It was only recently that the animated adaptation of the game became slightly better (pictured: Sword Art Online: The Perfect Factor)

Of course, in the 1990s, with the popularity of large-scale RPG and ADV (that is, beautiful girl games), the demand for game scripts increased, and outsourced writers began to increase.

The popularity of women’s games and idol games continued to promote the demand for game scripts, as well as outsourcing companies that specialize in writing game scripts.

But unfortunately,The pay for writing game scripts is minimal. If you can’t write tens of thousands of words a day, you can’t sustain your life. The author of this article, “Teacher Toru”, entered the business in 2007. At the time, professional game scripters, with the exception of a few popular game authors, had to rely on “fast typing” or “less consumption” to make a living.

The result of this status quo is that after the scriptwriter becomes famous, he will tend to change jobs and become a higher-income industry.

Xu Yuanxuan who wrote game scripts for “Saya Song” and “Ghost Crying Street”, and later went to write film and television animation scripts

Chain Wars: Original mobile games can also use plots to attract people

In 2010, the game industry ushered in a turning point. Mobile phone games are beginning to set off.

But the most popular games at the beginning were casual works like “Adventure Torrito” and “Dragon Collection”. In the early days of mobile game development, the plot was not valued.

“Adventure Torrito” is a mobile card game

After all, the mobile phone at the time had a small screen and was not easy to operate. Early functional machines are not suitable for storytelling.

But the world is developing rapidly. In 2013, smartphones began to spread at a high speed. The larger screen, and the promotion of the APP market, the game that pays attention to the story has begun to have the conditions for debut.

Among them, the most representative game is Sega’s “Chain Wars” launched in 2013.

This series continues to the present (The picture shows the “Chain Wars 3” in operation, and the fourth part is also being planned)

This work is not only highly rated in the plot, but also the pioneer who created the basic routine of mobile games. For example, “Special Events with Plots” or “Ending Song of a Chapter”, “Chain Wars” are the first batch of “crab eaters.”

However, the most important contribution of “Chain Wars” is the creation of a new card motive-“character-specific plot”.

Generally speaking, players will spend money to draw characters for reasons such as “stronger value”, “helpful in customs clearance”, or “looks more beautiful”.

In this game, if you can’t get a character, you can’t open the corresponding special plot level. So for favorite character stories, players will draw specific characters.

The plot part of “Chain Wars”

This strategy uses the charm of the character itself. This commercial approach based on the plot has affected many games including FGO.

Shi Zuotuolu said that after the fire of “Chain Wars”, many game plans included the words “the quality of the script is similar to” Chain Wars “”.

Azure Fantasy: The writer I raised can be used better than outsourcing

There is another game that I have to mention, this is also the most popular “blue fantasy”.

“Blue Fantasy”, which began operations in the spring of 2014, has greatly enhanced the status of “scripts”. Companies that want to imitate “Blue Fantasy” are no less than “Chain Wars”.

But the impact of the two is different. The biggest contribution of “Blue Fantasy” is the promotion of the “employment of company staff who specialize in writing scripts”.

As mentioned before, most game companies do not have the talent to write scripts. Even “Chain Wars” was actually commissioned by an external writer (Qualia Writers, a writer group that has now established a company).

In fact, NetEase’s “Onmyoji” is also the work of Qualia Writers

However, those mobile games that pay attention to the story are not only in the development stage, but also need new scripts (such as monthly activities) after the actual operation.

Depending on the situation, temporary outsourcing is likely to be too late. In order to avoid temporary chain loss, and also to accumulate the technology for creating scripts, some companies will find it more secure to hire people to write scripts (of course, this requires corresponding labor costs).

That is to say, because of the appearance of these mobile games that pay attention to the story, the game development company has a reason and benefits to hire a scriptwriter.

Then in game history, the first company to hire a large-scale script team is Cygames.

From “Bahamut’s Fury” to “Blue Fantasy” and “Princess Link”, Cygames has created many mobile game myths

In order to prevent misunderstandings, additional explanation is needed. It’s not that Cygames is the first game company to hire people to write scripts. As a bystander, no one can conclude that Cygames hired a writer, it must be because of the success of “Blue Fantasy”.

Just from the perspective of the game industry, after the success of “Blue Fantasy”, Cygames began to actively organize the script team.

At the same time, other companies joined the trend, recruiting staff who wrote scripts on the same level of conditions.

The end result is that the competition for related talents has become fierce, and the number of professional game playbooks has begun to increase rapidly.

then,The mobile game began to pay attention to the trend of the plot, and the decisive role was the “Fate / GrandOrder” of Nasu Mushroom.

FGO: As long as the story is good enough, the player will not leave even if the plot is long!

FGO is very attractive from many angles. Of particular concern is the script of the game.

The protagonist who survived an accident carried a 7-point historical disagreement and repaired the fate of “human reason”. Strong and meticulous settings, coupled with colorful characters, this game has attracted countless fans.

In fact, the work of FGO has a profound influence on the mobile game industry.FGO’s most outstanding achievement is to break the “maximum number of hits” which is a hard limit on the length of the script.

As also mentioned above, in 2010, due to the limitations of mobile phone hardware performance, the game did not pay attention to the plot at that time, and there was a habitual limit of “maximum clicks”.

Later, even if the smartphone replaced the functional machine, “Plot dialogue, no more than 20 clicks“The habit has not disappeared (even now, some companies still follow similar regulations).

Of course, the plot text is not as long as possible. For most game dialogues, the 10-click component is generally sufficient.

But the story has its priorities, and there should always be some more pen and ink. From the perspective of game experience, the beginning of the game should really speed up the pace. The characters are all shaped, so you should spend more effort to portray them.

“Maximum hits” is like a curse, always hovering over everyone’s head. When the teacher took the job, he also met the other party’s request.Write a grand story“, But at the same time restrict”Players can’t click more than 20 times in each plot dialogue“Case.

Mobile game companies strive to reduce the number of clicks in order to reduce the “user churn rate”

This habit of the mobile game industry also made FGO a headache, and even became a famous official paragraph-“Halfway through, the flying dragon ran into“.

The game scenes at that time were composed of “combat + dialogue”. Then the part of the dialogue can’t let the player click more than 20 times.

This caused the embarrassing result that “a story hasn’t been finished yet, it just switched to battle.” FGO’s chief commander and main writer, Nasu Mushroom once complained on his blog:

“A complete story” was cut into:

“One (combat) segment (combat) complete (combat) (combat) accident (combat) thing”.

Even if you destroy the direction of the story, you must fight halfway. It is said that if you don’t do this, no one will play the mobile game.

——July 2016, Bamboo Diary of Nasu Mushroom

As can be seen,The early FGO was also constrained by the habit of “insert a battle every three minutes.”

However, according to the diary of Nasu Mushroom, after the release of Chapter 4 of FGO, the company’s upper management issued the instruction that “the plot can be more prominent.” Chapter 6, released afterwards, also became an excellent script for making movies.

“Fome theater version of the sacred round table field Camero” is expected to be released this year

The changes in Chapter 6 made FGO soaring in 2016. FGO single scene can consume more than 100 clicks without fighting. That is to sayAs long as the story is interesting enough, players will not complain that the script is too long.

In fact, after the FGO fire, many games have loosened the click limit.The success of FGO has made it easier for mobile games to tell stories.

The surge in demand for scripts has turned game scripters over

The influence of FGO is more than that mentioned above.

Around 2017, many company’s game plans have made “the story to the extent of FGO” as their goal. Naturally, the industry’s demand for scriptwriters also surged a lot. Talent competition from “Blue Fantasy”, because FGO has become fierce.

In variousOn the recruitment website, the demand for “recruiting game script writers, annual income of 3 million to 10 million, with various benefits” began. After entering the industry, many people did get an annual salary of 7-8 million yen.

Write a script for the game, from the outsourcing business that was originally full of food, suddenly became a sought-after baby.

Because the script of the mobile game is not suitable for signatures like the animation script-after the player plays with the cute girl, you probably won’t want to know the name of the uncle who wrote the article.

The author of the script is famous enough to become an exception (the picture shows the story of Bai Jiangzhu’s “Magic Record” by Dog Curry)

It is difficult for the author of a game script in the name of an individual to accumulate a creative resume. In addition, the increase in business volume has spawned a large number of professional scripting companies, and entered the “Warring States Period” where several major companies segregated.

After playing your favorite game, there should be a lot of people who want to “write this kind of work by themselves”. Ten years ago, this was a difficult dream.

After the emergence of “Chain Wars”, “Blue Fantasy”, and “FGO”, the treatment of the game script family has greatly improved.“The future dream is to write a script for the game” became an option.

This article is here first. As a comprehensive art, Shi Zuo Tuolu also has a supplement, he does not want to say “the game should emphasize the plot”. He even felt that over the past few years it was overkill and too much emphasis on the plot (many companies that imitated FGO also failed).

Fortunately, with the efforts of the gaming industry, there are now “Demon 72” and “Thirteen Fighter Defence Circle”, the plot and the game system are well combined, and become a masterpiece of the topic. From now on, the plot will no longer be the weakness of mobile games.

“Thirteen Fighter Defense Circle”

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