Ferrari P80 / C: "Horse" is a masterpiece of "horse"

Ferrari P80 / C: “Horse” is a masterpiece of “horse”

After 4 years of research and testing, at last Ferrrari’s team of engineers finally got the P80 / C ferrari. This car model is considered a masterpiece “dream” of the company “horse”.

Ferrari P80 / C – inspired by Ferrari’s “iconic” models in history

On this newly released Ferrari P80 / C, horse lovers will surely see a glimpse of the design lines of two iconic Ferrari cars in history: Sino 206 S 1966 and 330 P3 / P4.

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During the production process, Ferrari Styling Center consulted thousands of sports cars around the world and decided to choose the Ferrari 488 GT3 as the basis for this P80 / C model. Since then, the production team has also removed cumbersome or unnecessary details in a racing car, thereby completing the P80 / C.

As a car produced exclusively for a collector is the “FAN” of Ferrari so of course the specifications and the price of this car will be secret. However, many experts assert that, the P80 / C is likely to be the most expensive car in the history of the company “jumper”. Part of the reason is that there is only one P80 / C in the world. Another reason is that this car is also integrated with what is the quintessence and best of Ferrari at the moment.

Specifically, in the tail part of Ferrari P80 / C, eye-catching experts have seen the presence of an aerodynamic diffuser S-Duct. The presence of an air diffuser on this racing car will help increase the performance of the P80 / C, while at the same time creating a exhaust sound like a real F1 racing car.

The interior compartment of the The Ferrari P80 / C is also speculated to focus on performance as a race car. Experts say that the car’s taplo area will be shaped from high-quality carbon fiber materials, hugging seats.

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Engine-wise, the Ferrari P80 / C is likely to use a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity of about 3.9L. The fuel and power output parameters are not announced but is produced in the direction of a race car so surely P80 / C will not disappoint customers.

Right after the announcement, collectors and hobbyists were extremely jealous of the collector who owned the P80 / C. However, Ferrari has no intention of bringing this car into commercial production. This is also very unfortunate for those who love this P80 / C.

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